Ending poverty by working collaboratively and visualising data easily

Communicating the status of 40 global projects to multiple stakeholders can be a challenge. Using Roelto Dashboard Reporting solution (R-DBR), powered by SharpCloud stakeholders are able to understand, interact and make informed business decisions.

Meet Your New Partner

Recently I presented at the Institute of Civil Engineers on the The Future of Project and Portfolio Management. This presentation was part of a workshop organised by the The Future Club to look at the future of project management and closely associated programme, portfolio and change management as well as PMO support fro the perspective [...]

Communicating Your Construction Projects Visually and Socially

If you are a project or construction manager one of your challenges is how to communicate the status of your project to the project team and your Project Director easily.  And if your a Project Director responsible for multiple projects within a programme, sharing and communicating it simply to your Main Executive Board can be an even [...]

Do you know how engaged your stakeholders are?

Stakeholder Engagement and understanding the interfaces with other organisations and teams is a critical part of an overall collaboration approach to deliver projects and initiatives successfully. Here is a simple and easy to use Stakeholder Engagement Management Tool that you can start using immediately. Do you know how engaged and supportive your stakeholders are?

Presentations with Multiple Views

Helping your audience to understand your presentation can be a challenge if they like viewing the data and information that you are presenting in a different view and from a different perspective. What would you need to have to be able to do this, why and how. Visualisation tools are becoming more than just a PowerPoint presentation. Discover how you can start improving your visual communications in a much more dynamic and collaborative way.

Enjoy the SharpCloud Experience

Discover how you can start telling your story in an easy and visual way. Being able to share in such a collaborative way lets you enjoy the many benefits you experience when using SharpCloud for Free.

Business Knowledge & Intelligence

Discover how you can increase your business productivity through improved collaborative business relationships, visualising and sharing your data easily and working with people in different locations and time zones.

“PowerPoint on Steroids” using sharpcloud

The recent sharpcloud user meeting featured the launch of the iPad version. What was really interesting to see was how people have realised how sharpcloud can visualie project and business data so easily and instantly.

Discover how you can start visualising you data for Free and get a complimentary 60 minute online turorial to get you up and going quickly and easily.

Barriers to Innovation

Creating new innovative products and solutions is becoming more of a challenge. Being able to visualise your data and work more collaboratively with people can help you break down the barriers to innovation that you maybe facing.

Visual Roadmap

Creating a visual roadmap on paper can be a fantastic tool for communicating your strategic roadmap – although it is somewhat limited. Discover how you can make your roadmaps come to life with multiple views, filtering of information, linking to supporting content such as presentations, spreadsheets and videos.  But much more importantly – being able [...]