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Our visual, integrated Strategic Portfolio Roadmaps, powered by SharpCloud and collaboration approach using ISO 44001 Collaboration Framework is transforming the way people and data work together.  Businesses of all sizes, across multiple sectors trust Roelto to help them uncover insights, gain alignment and simplify their business and portfolio decision making.

I can recommend Jason/Roelto without hesitation for any complex change initiative requiring collaboration.”

John Brophy, Strategic Improvement Lead – Finance & IT, ActionAid International


ActionAid Global Finance System Project Portfolio Roadmap

Step 1- Utilising Visual Collaboration

Visual Collaboration Seminar

Discover how visualising your data and integrating your physical, digital and data collaborations enables you to uncover insights, simplify complex decision making and increase business performance, by taking a visual collaboration approach.

R-CaaS - ISO 44001 collaboration

Your partner to build a visual collaborative culture

Businesses are working more online with other external business partners, people are hybrid working and need to share data and information quickly in an easy to understand format.

Roelto helps organisations unlock their “data silos” and visualise their data to create data driven views and improve their collaborations using ISO44001 collaboration framework to increase performance, reduce costs and accelerate innovation.  To learn more download our Business Collaboration Guide.

Visual Collaboration for everyone

Collaborative data driven views for everyone

Visual Collaboration for teams

Connecting people and data to deliver successful outcomes.

Enable high performing teams

Helping your project team to work collaboratively with colleagues and other business partners creates a win-win culture ensuring project outcomes are delivered successfully.  This can only be achieved with the right mindset and collaborative behaviours, supported by R-VCS to visualise and share project data that empowers teams and  simplifies complex decision making.

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For teams

Visual Collaboration for stakeholders

Communicating visually with stakeholders to gain optimum support

Keeping stakeholders informed

Any project, transformation program or business strategy involves changes that can impact people, businesses, customers or external organisations either positively or negatively.  Understanding your stakeholders needs, concerns and insights is critical to deliver the change successfully.

Create a collaborative process and dialogue with your stakeholders to share and communicate the changes so that they can provide feedback ensuring your stakeholder management is proactive and collaborative.

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For stakeholders

Visual Collaboration for partners

Develop collaborate business relationships and create new value

Deliver mutual benefit

Working with internal or external project or business partners involves a degree of risk.  Understanding the collaboration capabilities and maturity of each party helps you to focus on their strengths and take action to mitigate the weaknesses.

R-CaaS (Collaboration as a Service) provides business and project partners the guidance, processes and tools via the SharpCloud visual collaboration platform to gain alignment, develop a joint performance management framework and ways of working that delivers mutual benefit and new value.

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For partners

Visual Collaboration for leaders

Uncover insights and make informed business decisions

See everything all in one place

A key challenge for any leader is trying to understand the overall position of their project or business and make the right decision to ensure future success.  This usually involves a continuous cycle of multiple meetings with functional teams, reviewing endless reports and trying to get relevant information from multiple systems and data silos.

R-DBR (Dashboard Reporting) displays relevant data from your Line of Business Systems and combines this with comments/updates from project managers and functional leaders to help put it into context.  Let R-DBR help guide the discussion so you spend more time strategically collaborating and setting the right direction.

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For leaders

What we do for our clients


BP Collaborative Contracting

bp logo

BP GPO Vision

GPO vision is to be the best projects organisation in the industry.  To facilitate this vision GPO identified that they needed to work differently with their supply chain and produced their project collaboration principles.

BP Global Projects Organisation (GPO) deliver complex programmes of work around the world, supported by their business partners, contractors and supply chains, involving 000’s of people, multiple business processes, ways of working, different cultures and various IT systems.  

The challenge was to develop a change programme that helped to embed the 8 collaboration principles within GPO, its partners and the supply chain.

What we did

An integrated transformation approach was adopted whereby the 8 principles were aligned to the existing BP processes and development programmes to identify any overlaps and gaps.

Roelto collaboration integrated transformation approach

The 5 transformation steps were completed in an iterative and agile way with each of 8 collaboration principles with reference to the ISO 44001 collaboration framework, previous internal experience and other industry publications.

The change focussed on the organisation (leadership, culture, alignment, teamwork), people (behaviours, skills, values and knowledge), processes (operations, risk, project management, HSE, procurement, tec.) and systems (databases, networks, applications).

This was developed on a actual programme with 4 projects, involving several contactor organisations and work being completed  in different parts of the world.  A GPO Collaboration guide was developed based on the collaboration principles and aligned to the comprehensive MPcp (Major Project common processes) to ensure there was no unnecessary duplication and minimised changes.

A Programme Collaboration Relationship Management Plan (CRMP) was produced based on the guide and Joint Project CRMP for each of the 4 projects to help with the adoption.  This included co-creating their project collaboration charter, developing their Performance Management Outcomes, joint ways of working and collaboration Key Performance Indicators.

The outcome

The first version of the guide provided a complete end-to-end way of working collaboratively, supported by over 20 tools, templates and workshops referenced within the guide to help facilitate collaborative working.  This enabled people to be self-sufficient, establish and complete their own collaboration workshops, improve their joint ways of working and enhance collaborative working with minimal support.  This started to validate the adoption which was further monitored and verified against the project collaboration charters, performance management framework, based on surveys and project performance data.

A two day workshop was held with colleagues from other projects to share and establish the next step with a focus on collaborative behaviours.

Collaborative Contracting

BP Global Projects Organisation adopt a collaborative contracting and project data visualisation approach that significantly increase project performance.

Project Portfolio Management

dlr logo

Docklands Light Railway

Docklands Light Railway is part of  Transport for London (TfL).  As part of TfL their purpose is to keep London working and growing and make life in the city better. Every journey matters to us and we do all we can to make sure the transport network is safe, reliable and fit for the future.

The Docklands Light Railway (DLR) is an automated light metro system opened in 1987 to serve the redeveloped Docklands area of East London, England.  DLR has an ongoing programme of capital projects and extensions to the network.  This programme of work is managed by DLR project management and supported by supply chain partners in collaboration with DLR operator Keolis Amey Docklands.

The challenge was to provide project portfolio visibility and reduce the amount of non added value administration time/cost spent by project managers on project reporting.

What we did

An initial assessment of the current project report was undertaken to establish its data source, why was it needed, what is was used for and how the project data was generated.  Secondly a Makigami workshop was completed to map out the reporting end-to-end process and identify where it could be simplified.

dlr project portfolio 19may2016

During each period (13 periods in a year), 1 to 2 days were spent with 10 to 20 people reviewing over 160 projects that were captured on Excel template reports (PGR). Each report had over 200 data attributes, which had to be completed manually, printed out and reviewed separately.

Using R-PPM a standard data project template was created and used by each project.  Data from the risk management reports, over 2300 milestones from Primavera (P6) and project details from the PGR was automatically uploaded into each project and “rolled up” to the portfolio.

The outcome

As a result, projects were reviewed by exception only providing real time status of projects, uncovering insights and saved over 212 days per annum by eliminating non added value administration activities and another estimated 299 days on indirect activities.

In addition, Collaboration-as-a-Service templates (BS 11000 Gap Analysis and Relationship Management Plan) was used to gain BS 11000 accreditation in collaboration with Keolis Amey Docklands.

Project Portfolio Management

Docklands Light Railway capital projects saved over 212 days per annum by visualising their project data and eliminating non added value administration activities and another estimated 299 days on indirect activities.


IT Financial Transformation Roadmap

Global Finance Systems (GFS)

actionaid logo

ActionAid Global Finance System

ActionAid is an International charity and global movement of people fighting for women’s rights, social justice, and an end to poverty.

ActionAid works with multiple organisations and partners to raise funds and deliver programs in 46 countries.  ActionAid and Roelto have had a collaborative working relationship since 2012 which has included multiple programmes and projects.  One of these has included the Global Finance System (GFS) which was to replace the standalone country financial management systems with one system.

The challenge was to identify an enterprise financial management system that could meet the Federation requirements and deliver it in the most cost effective and efficient manner while maintaining business continuity and reducing operational costs.

What we did

A Business Requirements Specification was co created with Federation stakeholders.  This was further developed and over 60 Core User Requirements Specifications, along with “As Is” and “To Be” process maps were created.  Alignment and integration with other projects such as the standard Charter of Accounts and Core Data Model within the Financial Transformation Programme as well as the IT programme – Core Systems, Cloud (PaaS/SaaS) was completed to ensure all the key components came together at the right time.

R-DBR Dashboard project RAG status

Several activities were completed including the selection, procurement and project management of the Global Financial System (GFS) deployment.  The selection of Infor SunSystems version 6 involved working in a collaborative way to ensure the cloud first strategy, core data model and financial transformation was delivered successfully.  Roelto provided overall program transformation design and delivery using the ISO 44001 collaboration framework to work both with Infor and countries.  This was supported by data and digital collaboration solutions and tools using Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, Planner, Forms and Power Automate workflows.

In addition, R-DBR and R-TRM( Dashboard/Portfolio Reporting and Technology Roadmap), powered by SharpCloud was used to visualise the GFS Roadmap and provide Project Portfolio Management and insights to all stakeholders, which is shown above.

The outcome

Country projects are being delivered in a collaborative and agile way with Project Managers working virtually (due to COVID) with country team members, configuration and “spin up” delivered from India with training and support provided virtually and locally with Finance and IT colleagues.  The deployment programme has reached a stage of maturity where it has become more of a standard process and is aiming to complete the rollout by early 2022.

I can recommend Jason (Roelto) without hesitation for any complex change initiative requiring collaboration.

John Brophy | Strategic Improvement Lead – Finance and IT

IT Finance Program Roadmap

ActionAid an international charity are using an agile and collaborative way-of-working to successfully deliver a new cloud based finance system to 46 countries.

Collaborative Workshops

linesight logo

Linesight Project Governance Workshop

Linesight delivers professional construction consultancy services and strategic support to multiple sectors globally since 1974

Linesight operates in 4 main regions APAC, Americas, Europe and MENA providing:

  • Program Management
  • Project Controls
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Consultancy
  • Project Management
  • Cost Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Procurement

As  part of Linesight ongoing continuous improvement and operational excellence, a global workshop was required to identify and co-create the required outcomes of their Project Governance, aligned to their strategic objectives.  The challenge was to setup a way in which colleagues could collaboratively interact to develop these outcomes whilst working from their home due to the COVID 19 restrictions.

What we did

An analysis of the data and information created from the previous workshops was undertaken to ensure work was not duplicated and instead used as the foundation from which to work from.  Using Roelto Workshop-as-a-Service (R-WaaS) solution a workshop was configured that enabled people to work virtually and took the workshop attendees through a series of workshop activities covering:

  1. Alignment to the current strategy
  2. What’s the current situation
  3. What does success look like
  4. Outcome Gaps and Issues
  5. Agree next steps (roadmap/plan)

At each stage people could create their own digital “post it note” as if they were in the room together, by using an online form they could access through a link or QR code on the their laptop/PC or mobile device.  People could see the digital posit notes appear on the workshop predefined view, review them and add a related item to it for example.  Following on people could identify relationships from the “Outcomes” to any associated “Gaps and Issues” and there after agree what the “Action” should be directly or generally.

Each workshop session was completed on the same day at different times to account for the regional time zones.  Importantly, people could see and interact with output from the other sessions to share insights, knowledge and actions to come to a consensus.  This was also shared and socialised with colleagues who did not attend the workshops.

Digital collaboration R-WaaS - workshop and facilitation

A total 209 digital “posit notes were created with 40 plus people attending the 3 workshops, each lasting 90 minutes.  As the sessions were completed other insights were revealed with regards to key areas of interest and focus such as quality, cost, productivity, compliance, collaboration and growth.

The outcome

From the 209 digital posit it notes and using the various filters and merge function, 4 specific outcomes were  agreed by the workshop attendees.

Not only did Roelto help with great staff engagement, the facilitated discussions led to some key outcomes which Linesight is now implementing to further enhance our service offering to our clients.

Nigel Barnes, Head of Life Sciences, EMEA

Collaborative Workshops

Linesight, an international professional construction consultancy services and strategic support business co-created enhanced ways of working by engaging all 3 international regions collaboratively, in one day.

SharpCloud Visual Collaboration Platform

Visualise your data and collaborate using R-VCS, powered by SharpCloud

Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCS) are powered by SharpCloud, a data visualisation and collaboration platform.  R-VCS  are industry and user case specific applications that are preconfigured, ready for you to use instantly.

ISO 44001 Collaborative business relationship management systems — Requirements and framework

Through a series of workshops delivered by an accredited ISO 44001 (BS 11000) collaboration facilitator and Roelto dedicated ISO 44001 visual collaboration solutions,  you can implement and integrate the requirements for the effective identification, development and management of collaborative business relationships within or between organizations.

Discover more about Visual Collaboration

Blog Posts by Jason Hier to show you how you can implement ISO 44001 Collaborative business relationship management systems and use the SharpCloud Visual Collaboration platform to simplify your project and business decision making

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