Start Your Visual Collaboration Journey

At the beginning of any change you will have lots of questions. 

Initial Visual Collaboration Gap Analysis

Why should you do this, what do you have to do, when do you need to do it, who else and how?

Completing a Visual Collaboration gap analysis, will quickly and easily identify the gaps and opportunities and help you to start to answering these questions and more.

Getting started - visual collaboration gap analysis

Free Gap Analysis

Complete an initial visual collaboration gap analysis of you businesses collaboration capability and maturity.  The gap analysis will be completed against our business collaboration framework, based on ISO 44001 collaboration business relationship management systems to identify what you have in place already, where you have gaps and opportunities, why and what you need to do, how you can do it and by who.

Start now – complete the following questionnaire

Click the Button below “Initial VC Gap Analysis” and a form will open for you.  Answer the questions about your current collaboration capability and maturity with regards to your current business strategy, physical, data and digital collaborations.  Once completed you will get an initial assessment sent to you via email.

What type of collaboration questions do you need to consider ?

First think about your business currently and in the future.

What type of business are you, what are your strategic objectives and outcomes, do you rely on business partners and suppliers to deliver your products or services?  What type of collaborations are key to your success?

Business collaboration

What is your current collaboration maturity and capability?  Does your leadership support collaboration, is it part of your business strategy and how do you create collaborative business relationships?

Physical collaboration

Do you have a learning and development program in place, are behaviours coached and do you have an active continuous improvement process?

Data collaboration

Do you have any data visualisation tools, use business process automation, integrate data from other systems and organisations?

Digital collaboration

What digital collaboration tools are you using e.g. video conferencing, productivity tools such as Microsoft Office 365 and are you using them to their full potential?  Do you have a digital transformation strategy to support your collaborations?

Your Initial Visual Collaboration Assessment 

Review Assessment

As soon as you have completed your initial visual collaboration assessment you will get your assessment results emailed to you.

Thereafter we can set up an online meeting to review your assessment and answer any questions and create an action plan which is yours to use.

You can decide if you want to complete a more detailed facilitated visual collaboration gap analysis workshop.  This typically takes 2 to 4 hours to complete and can include up to 12 colleagues.  The workshop covers each of the collaborations in more detailed and delivers an online visual roadmap.

You will have experienced and completed a Visual Collaboration!

workshop as a service

Let’s get started

Discover which program, self learning or workshop is best for you.  Have a look at our visual collaboration events and choose one to help get you where you want to be on you visual collaboration journey.

Leadership program

Integrated 12 week business collaboration program


SharpCloud data visualisation

An introduction to detailed configuration.


Contact us to discuss how we can help you get started on your visual collaboration journey