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Roelto – Dashboard Reporting (R-DBR) and Project Portfolio Management (R-PPM)

Visualising the collaborative deployment of an enterprise financial management system across 46 countries, for ActionAid.


Delivering performance, productivity and insights

Roelto – Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCSL) are a suite of business collaboration applications (Stories) based on the SharpCloud platform that can be used independently or linked and integrated with one another.  Each R-VCSL (SharpCloud Story) can incorporate other collaboration technology such as Microsoft Teams, content from other websites or data from other data sources e.g. SharePoint, Excel or can be embedded into your existing collaboration platforms, as part of your overall business visual collaboration landscape.

Each R-VCSL can be deployed at a local, project level or at an Enterprise, business, international, national and regional level providing a totally integrated way of connecting organisations, people, processes and system data, in a highly visual and collaborative way.

Visual Collaboration Solutions

Helping people like you visualise their data and work collaboratively.

“I would highly recommended Jason to any business wanting a professional and creative Sharpcloud business solution integrator.”

Daniel Eastwood

Head of Performance and Transformation, Babcock International

“Being able to visualise and update our NPD portfolio in less than 4 hours, online with colleagues in different international locations via video conference has saved us over $25,000 in travelling expenses and 2 days of travelling per person per month.”

VP of New Product Development

New Product Development

Repurpose your data and create new insights with R-VCS

By using R-VCS you will realise several key benefits and outcomes:

  • Save time, effort, and costs by using the pre-configured R-VCS (and not having to create your own visual collaboration solutions from an empty SharpCloud Story or customise another LoBS that does not meet your needs).
  • Deploy quickly in a managed, agile, and incremental way from a local to enterprise-wide implementations, including external partners where necessary.
  • Increase engagement of people in a very collaborative and visual way across several common business processes that span multiple users and various audiences, both internally and externally.
  • Improve your data integrity by aligning your data model, so everyone can see the same information and compare “apples for apples” bringing clarity, common understanding and the ability to simplify complex decision making.
  • Create a “One Place” for people to view, share information, dynamically interact, and make near to real-time decisions.
  • Repurpose and integrate existing data, solutions and content, removing duplication and storage of multiple files, thereby increasing performance and productivity.
  • Gain insight to facilitate proactive decisions, minimising risk and take full advantage of opportunities.
  • Maximise your SharpCloud investment through rapid deployment and implementation of proven SharpCloud solutions.
  • View and combine your data instantly using the multiple views and filters to help you gain insight and support continuous improvement.
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Combine data and insights with R-VCS

Importantly, R-VCS is not always looking to replace well established, mature systems that are working well.  The key concept is to repurpose existing data and combine this with people’s commentary and insight to put it into context and share it in a way that simplifies complex decision making so that people can interact, collaborate, make informed decisions and take action.

This reduces the amount of changes required and minimises the risk with regards to any adverse change impacts to your business.

Deploy quickly with a R-VCS app

Below are examples of R-VCS apps in the form of  user cases which can be adapted to your business so you can start to visually collaborate your data instantly.

Click on the R-VCS app to learn more.

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