Digital Facilitation – innovate and collaborate

Extend your video conferencing and engage your remote and office workers to ensure your hybrid way of working is productive.  Set up you teams to perform and be successful.

Digital Workshop for everyone, anywhere, anytime.

Roelto Workshop-as-a-Service (R-WaaS) provides ready made workshop templates that you can use, to ensure you can facilitate co-creation and innovation.

Digital Facilitation

Experienced digital and accredited ISO 44001 collaboration facilitators, guiding the conversation

Collaborative workspace

An AI-powered digital collaboration tool that brings people together before, during and after your workshop.

Workshop templates

Visual workshop templates that enables co-creation and dynamic interaction.

Workshop Examples Delivered by WaaS

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What is Workshop as a Service?

Workshop-as-a-Service (WaaS) delivers a complete digital facilitation service so you can complete:

  • Workshops and Events – there are multiple types of workshops available for you to use with pre-configured templates such as SWOT, PESTLE, etc or you can develop a specific workshop and event, tailored to your specific needs
  • Learning and training programs – whether its a one off or standard repeating program, WaaS delivers an interactive, social learning environment
  • Organisational development and change initiatives – Waas enables everyone to be part of the change, ensuring alignment and the ability to co-create the solution and deliver the agreed outcomes successfully

Collaborative Workshops and Meetings

Here is an example of how you can increase your hybrid working and decision making using Roelto Workshop-as-a-Service (R-WaaS), powered by SharpCloud.


Workshop-as-a-Service Customer Feedback

“Delivering a Performance Outcome Framework with so many people in such a short time was impressive.”

BP Project Manager

Project Manager

“It was really good to see the interaction of everyone using the SharpCloud platform interactively.”

Performance Manager

Performance Manager

“The professionalism of Jason and the workshop that he delivered was outstanding and demonstrated that it is possible to productively complete such workshops using R-WaaS (Roelto Workshop-as-a-Service) without having the overhead of travel logistics & costs.”

Noel O'Donnel


“Based on my experience with these workshops I would recommend the use of Jason and his technology R-WaaS /facilitation capability.”

Noel O'Donnel

Operational Excellence Manager

“Jason, you are great facilitator and good listener. I don’t think the SharpCloud sessions would be that productive without your great facilitation skills and attention to details.”

Tsegaye Ayele

IT Systems Manager

Jason Hier Workshop Facilitator:  “Your experience and your proposed ideas helped our interactive communication. You were always teasing us, proposing, suggesting and the result was very good”.

Dimitris Chatzooglou

International IT Manager

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