Makigami Workshop

Simplify your end-to-end business processes and increase performance by completing a Makigami workshop

Makigami Workshop Overview

One of the biggest challenges in your business, especially as you grow and expand is complexity.

One of the ways to ensure your business processes are working at optimally as possible is to complete a Makigami workshop.

Makigami literally means “a roll of paper” in Japanese.  On this paper or in our case using R-WaaS | SharpCloud 2 charts are developed:

  1. An “As Is” and a
  2. “To Be”

An example of the chart is show below and is divided into 4 main rows:

  1. Desks” – these are the people, teams, functions, departments etc which complete the business process
  2. “Documents” – these are the data and in formation carriers in the form of spreadsheets, forms, commuter screens, etc.
  3. Time“- clock time, action time, value adding time and loses
  4. Problems” – barriers, gaps, bottlenecks at the business process step

There are columns added after that represent the business process steps (typically start with 20).

So What is a Makigami

Essentially it is a tool that you can use with your colleagues and business partner to:

Understand ones processes and establish whether they are truly adding value, optimised and fit for purpose…

You will do this by a methodical deconstruction  & re-engineering of  the process and it works best with complex, end-2-end multi-disciplinary processes, where there might be lots of parallel activities and inter-dependencies.

With your colleagues and team members you can jointly assess your current business process and challenge it with regards to the 7 deadly sins of “loss”.

  1. Defects: Wrong or incomplete information
  2. Waiting – for data and other people to do their bit
  3. Checking – Quality Control – duplication of effort
  4. Rework – correcting and altering
  5. Overload – piles of data, files, cant find anything
  6. Over Processing – doing more that is really necessary
  7. Movement – of documents, data and or people

All of these route cause issues can cost money, complexity and increased time.

r waas makigami digital workshop

Examples of Makigami Workshop – scroll and enlarge to see.

Digital Facilitation

Complete your end-to-en business process, Makigami Workshop using our online template including an experienced digital facilitator to facilitate your simplification workshop so you can identify the issues and opportunities to simplify your business processes.

All pre workshop setup is taken care of so you can focus on contributing rather trying to organise and participate at the same time.  After your workshop is completed your facilitator will provide you with data driven views that you can share and socialise either directly or as a PowerPoint /PDF document..

Customer workshops

Jason Hier Workshop Facilitator:  “Your experience and your proposed ideas helped our interactive communication. You were always teasing us, proposing, suggesting and the result was very good”.

Dimitris Chatzooglou
International IT Manager

“Based on my experience with these workshops I would recommend the use of Jason and his technology R-WaaS /facilitation capability.”

Noel O'Donnel
Operational Excellence Manager

“I was impressed in the way we have completed and organized our workshops using Workshop-as-a-Service (Sharpcloud)”

Dimitris Chatzooglou
International IT Manager

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