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Roelto 10 Step Visual Collaboration Process

Integrated Data Visualisation and Collaboration

The following 10 steps show how you can adopt a visual collaboration approach to support hybrid working, increase productivity and business performance by integrating ISO 44001 (BS 11000) collaboration framework and SharpCloud, a visual collaboration tool.

Step 1: Utilising Visual Collaboration

Step2: Understand Your Full Potential

Step 3: Create Your Knowledgebase

Step 4: Play To Your Strengths

Step 5: Apply the 80:20 Principle

Step 6: Utilise Your Assets

Step 7: Become More Innovative

Step 8: Sustain high levels of teamwork

Step 9: Ensure Future Business Continuity

Step 10: Managing Your Visual Collaborations

Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions | R – VCS, powered by SharpCloud

Below are a selection of R-VCS applications, powered by SharpCloud that will help you visualise your data collaboratively, uncover insights and simplify complex decision making.


Gap Analysis Workshop using R-WaaS


Project Portfolio Dashboard – ActionAid using R-DBR


SWOT Workshop – decision making


Overview of Roelto Project Portfolio Management (R-PPM) solution


Visual Collaboration, integrated collaboration


Workshop-as-a-Service – enabling hybrid working


Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions, powered by SharpCloud