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Enabling people and data to work in harmony

Roelto is focussed on: “Enabling people and data to work in harmony”.  Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCS), powered by SharpCloud, collaboratively visualises your project and business data to deliver data transparency, enhance collaboration and simplify complex decision making.  Discover more about how organisations like yours are using R-VCS, powered by SharpCloud for data and people visual collaborations.

Roelto transforms how you and your organisation collaborate and use data.





User Cases


How different industries use R-VCS for business data visualisation and collaboration.

No matter what industry you are in, being able to work collaboratively and share data in a collaborative visual way helps you to create trust and make data-driven collaborations.

Construction Project Management digital BIM


Bringing project data and construction teams together enables an optimum construction delivery, improving overall team and asset performance.

R-TRM: Lifesciences innovation and technology roadmap

Life Sciences

Combining and collaborating data, information and knowledge to uncover insights, supports innovation and speed to market of new products, improving patient care and saving lives.

ActionAid Kenya picture


Charities and non profit organisations track the outcomes of their programmes to ensure maximum value for money.

video conference waas

Public sector

Change initiatives and transformation programmes are visualised to support communication and interdepartmental collaboration.

actionaid logo

“SharpCloud is a very good tool. You can organise your work, projects, ideas, strategy, roadmap whatever your organization is working on or planning to. In organisations that are widely spread and across the globe it is the perfect collaboration tool.”

Dimtris Chatzgoolou, International IT Manager at ActionAid

Different functions and team use R-VCS to visually collaborate together

R-VCS enables people to share and visualise data in a collaborative and interactive way.  Being able to see the complete picture builds trust, ensures your teams are aligned and responsive, enabling them to perform and deliver the agreed outcomes successfully.

Working on a project

Project Management

Project teams can demonstrate the project impact by visually aligning to the business objectives and demonstrate successful delivery through interactive dashboards.

Risk management diagram

Risk Management

With visual, integrated Probability Impact Diagrams (PID’s), risk teams can communicate risks so that proactive risk mitigation can be completed.

Laboratory glassware for the development of medical innovation


Research and development teams can co-create ideas and develop an innovation roadmap that provides insight to help increase speed to market and create new value.

Technology, strategy or innovation roadmap, timeline


R-VCS technology roadmaps provide a collaborative and visual way to manage the delivery, management and support of systems, enabling the business to perform and deliver successfully.

ISO 44001 Stage 4 Partner Selection. Partners shaking hands


With R-VCS collaboration platform, developing a strategic partnering plan that can be shared and replicated for multiple business partners facilitates a joint way of working and win-win for all stakeholders involved.

Business people meeting corporate digital device connection concept


Using a series of integrated data visualisation dashboards, helps to lead the discussion and for leaders to ask the right questions and get answers that can be acted on.

R-VCS includes a number of user case templates ready to use

Enhance you data visualisation, business collaboration and extend your video conferencing and remote working with a selection of R-VCS apps that increase productivity and business performance.

Project Portfolio Management


Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management R-PPM


Technology Roadmap

roelto innovation management platform


Innovation Management Platform

roelto strategy roadmap


Strategy Roadmap

R-DBR: Roelto dashboard reporting


Dashboard Reporting

roelto workshop as a service



roelto collaboration as a service



R-SCRUM: Roelto scrum


Agile Project Management

R-BIM: Roelto Building Information Modelling Roadmap


Building Information Model Roadmap

pharmaceutical regulatory compliance portal


Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance

Roelto partners with leading data visualisation and collaboration technology organisations

Roelto has bee a SharpCloud Business Partner since 2008 , helping businesses collaboratively visualise their data.  Our approach has been to extend our solution partnering to ensure your visual collaboration solutions integrates seamlessly into your organisations culture, way of working and supporting systems.

Roelto’s Partners

Roelto a SharpCloud business partner
Howspace digital collaboration tool logo
schellingpoint logo

R-VCS / SharpCloud Roadmap helps you build a collaborative data-driven culture

Using R-VCS and building on the SharpCloud visual collaboration platform, Roelto helps you to create a visual collaborative culture that embraces collaborative working and putting data to work.  Technology is an enabler, having the right organisational culture with people demonstrating collaborative behaviours completing simplified business processes, is critical for adoption and sustaining change.   R-VCS Roadmap combines over a decade of experience, customers feedback, including our and business partners expertise to help guide you to create a collaborative, data driven organisation.

r vcs roadmap

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