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(Roelto – Building Information Modelling)

Deliver high performing assets through digital management and collaboration

Gaining certainty of your asset delivery and desired outcomes for any capital programme has many challenges to overcome and risks to mitigate.  However, getting good quality, accurate and timely data and information which can be shared and accessed through a common data environment can significantly improve governance and understanding by all stakeholders.  Co-create your BIM Roadmap to help you setup your project, suppliers, contractors and client to succeed.

R-BIM roadmap
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Clear requirements, transparency and optimised delivery

Adopting BIM provides a common data environment for you, your client and suppliers so you can optimise the capital programme, gain a clear understanding of the project to support informed decision making to help increase productivity, performance and facilitate collaboration.

Use R-BIM to co-create your project BIM roadmap, based on BS 1192 so that all stakeholders can engage to understand compliance with BS 1192 and the  activities that need to be completed, to support the interfacing processes between all parties, analysis of information requirements, development of the model and successful handover of the asset.

Example of R-PRC

Feel free to interact with one of our R-PRC apps, CFR 211 Audit.  Just point and click to navigate, filter and discover more.

R-BIM Overview and Functionality

Not everyone is familiar with BIM or may know about it but have never been involved in a project where BIM has been used.  R-BIM provides a vital communication and collaboration tool to help you engage with stakeholders on your project BIM journey.

R-BIM provides a list of activities you need to complete with guidance notes to ensure your BIM project delivers successfully.  You can also identify the gaps and opportunities by completing a BS 1192 part 2 gap analysis.  With visual dashboards and links to other BIM resources and content, R-BIM is a key tool to use from the start of your project.

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R-BIM: Overview and Functionality


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R-BIM reviews

“SharpCloud is a very good tool. You can organise your work, projects, ideas, strategy, roadmap whatever your organization is working on or planning to. In organisations that are widely spread and across the globe it is the perfect collaboration tool.”

Dimitris Chatzgoolou
International IT Manager

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