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For general information please contact us via email, telephone or via the Get In Touch form.  Alternatively if you would like to have a meeting please Set up a meeting and choose a booking event. For R-VCS help and support please follow the steps for the Roelto External Service Desk and raise a service ticket.  For R-VCS and SharpCloud support try our chat bot.

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Set up a meeting

Below are two booking page categories:

  1. Roelto Visual Collaboration Services – advice, service and support to facilitate visual collaboration.
  2. Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions – overview of our solution portfolio, powered by SharpCloud to help you enable visual collaboration.

Each booking page has multiple events to choose from.  Select one, choose an available date and time suitable for you, leave your details and press DONE.  You will receive a confirmation email of our meeting along with a Microsoft Team meeting link.

If you just want to have a general discussion, ask questions or find out more please select “Meeting with Jason” in either of the two booking categories.

Roelto Service and Support Desk

Roelto External Service Desk

Raise a service request for help and support and we’ll get back to you as soon as someone is available:

  1. Click here to go to the Roelto External Service Desk online portal, or
  2. Click on the orange Support button at the bottom right of the page, leave your details and click “Send“.

R-VCS | SharpCloud Chat Bot

If you have a question about a R-VCS App or SharpCloud enter your question in the chat bot opposite.  Enter Hello or Hi and return to initiate the chat then ask your question. For example “What is SharpCloud Enterprise.”  The chat bot will provide an answer.  You can ask another follow on question or a different one.

If you still need help please click on the orange “Support” icon at the bottom right hand side of the page, or raise a support ticket, or Get In Touch directly.