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Stop using static spreadsheets and presentations.  Visualise your  strategy, technology and innovation roadmaps and project portfolios with real time, interactive data-driven views.

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Trusted SharpCloud Expert & Business Partner

Delivering SharpCloud Solutions since 2008.

Jason and myself collaborated in creating the interactive roadmap for Hybrid Electric aircraft within the FutPrInt50 project.

Jason’s experience and knowledge made us able to deliver more than was expected. His thorough understanding of creating model based interactive roadmaps challenged us take the extra step and visualize more than was initially anticipated.

I can highly recommend working with Jason, as he pushes you to higher levels.

Evert Windels
Aerospace design and integration engineer

Jason helped us shape the #futprint50 roadmap into shape. He gave us great advice and helped us navigate from the general to the implementation.

He was also dedicated and a key element to the final product. I would welcome working again with him for a similar endeavour.


Ricardo Reis (PhD, ASEP, Eng)
RD Systems Engineering
SharpCloud Visual Collaboration Platform

Visualise data everywhere, with anyone

SharpCloud is a simple, scalable, and visual way to display data and interdependencies to all your stakeholders.

SharpCloud’s unique design means anyone can create a business or project application in a few minutes from existing data.

Short cut your SharpCloud deployment

Don’t waste time learning and working how you should use and put SharpCloud to work in your business.  Roelto has been working with SharpCloud at the very beginning since 2008, through beta to final launch in 2012 and there afterwards working as a trusted business partner providing advice, solutions and services to SharpCloud users.

Roelto a SharpCloud business partner

Helping you visually collaborate

You have so many options and opportunities with SharpCloud visual collaboration platform.  Whether you want to create specific SharpCloud Stories or use R-VCS apps to get started, let us help you set off in the right direction, so you can make a positive impact immediately.

SharpCloud Solutions and User Cases

SharpCloud is a low code / no code visual collaboration platform that enables you as a business user to create SharpCloud Apps for your business and projects that will help boost performance and productivity.

Below are some SharpCloud examples of typical user cases / business apps (Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions) you can quickly deploy and use.

Project Portfolio Management


Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management R-PPM


Technology Roadmap

roelto innovation management platform


Innovation Management Platform

roelto strategy roadmap


Strategy Roadmap

R-DBR: Roelto dashboard reporting


Dashboard Reporting

roelto workshop as a service



roelto collaboration as a service



R-SCRUM: Roelto scrum


Agile Project Management

R-BIM: Roelto Building Information Modelling Roadmap


Building Information Model Roadmap

pharmaceutical regulatory compliance portal


Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance

143 Different Ways to Use SharpCloud

Different ways you can use SharpCloud (R-VCS Apps) to visualise your data and uncover insights to simplify complex decision making

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Let your visual collaborations steer the conversation and decisions

grid view

Views your audience understand

Create views that are dynamically updated and can be put into context with comments, to help you uncover insights and simplify complex decision making.

As you collaborate with your data to create new views for better understanding, so you enhance your collaborations and decision making with other stakeholders.

item panels

Business collaborations

Taking a visual collaboration approach enables you to integrate your physical, data and digital collaborations, breaking down your business silos delivering transparency, accountability and connected people.

Repurpose your data and integrate views, data and information from your other Line of Business Systems, comment and @tags for added context.

Technology, strategy or innovation roadmap, timeline

Visualise data immediately

As soon as your data is uploaded you can see it in so many different ways.

Create single views, dashboards, enterprise views, relationships between items, and filter with a click of a button for enhanced clarity.  Decide where you view your data; in Item panels, through standard views, in annotations or using any number of widgets to enhance your visual communication.

SharpCloud Visual Collaboration Platform

Real time data presentations

Create multiple data driven presentations for your various audiences without ever having to update a presentation again.  As your data is updated all of your presentation views are automatically updated too.

As questions are asked you can exit the presentation and deep dive into your Story, create a new view to provide the answer, which you can save and then re-join the presentation where you left.  No more deferring answers because you don’t have the slide or need to do more analysis.

Project teams working collaboratively

Your connected teams

Collaborating with people, other business partners and customers has changed to both remote and onsite working – hybrid collaboration.

Share your data securely with teams, groups and individuals both internally and externally.  Sharpcloud integrates seamlessly ensuring you have access to your data, helping you to transform to a data driven organisation.

sc images abstract

Multiple applications

With hundreds of customizable and interactive views, SharpCloud has the power to provide insight into any business and project user case.

Various Roadmaps | Portfolio Management | Workshops

“SharpCloud is a very good tool. You can organise your work, projects, ideas, strategy, roadmap whatever your organization is working on or planning to. In organisations that are widely spread and across the globe it is the perfect collaboration tool.”

Dimitris Chatzgoolou
International IT Manager

“I was impressed in the way we have completed and organized our workshops using Workshop-as-a-Service (Sharpcloud)”

Dimitris Chatzooglou
International IT Manager

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