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Stop using static spreadsheets and presentations.  Visualise your  strategy, technology and innovation roadmaps and project portfolios with real time, interactive data-driven views.

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Delivering SharpCloud Solutions since 2008.

“I would highly recommended Jason to any business wanting a professional and creative Sharpcloud business solution integrator.”

Daniel Eastwood

Head of Performance and Transformation, Babcock International

“Being able to visualise and update our NPD portfolio in less than 4 hours, online with colleagues in different international locations via video conference has saved us over $25,000 in travelling expenses and 2 days of travelling per person per month.”

VP of New Product Development

New Product Development

SharpCloud Visual Collaboration Platform

Visualise data everywhere, with anyone

SharpCloud is a simple, scalable, and visual way to display data and interdependencies to all your stakeholders.

SharpCloud’s unique design means anyone can create a business or project application in a few minutes from existing data.

Short cut your SharpCloud deployment

Don’t waste time learning and working how you should use and put SharpCloud to work in your business.  Roelto has been working with SharpCloud at the very beginning since 2008, through beta to final launch in 2012 and there afterwards working as a trusted business partner providing advice, solutions and services to SharpCloud users.

Roelto a SharpCloud business partner

Helping you visually collaborate

You have so many options and opportunities with SharpCloud visual collaboration platform.  Whether you want to create specific SharpCloud Stories or use R-VCS apps to get started, let us help you set off in the right direction, so you can make a positive impact immediately.

SharpCloud Solutions and User Cases

SharpCloud is a low code / no code visual collaboration platform that enables you as a business user to create SharpCloud Apps for your business and projects that will help boost performance and productivity.

Below are some SharpCloud examples of typical user cases / business apps (Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions) you can quickly deploy and use.

Project Portfolio Management


Project Portfolio Management

Project Portfolio Management R-PPM


Technology Roadmap

roelto innovation management platform


Innovation Management Platform

roelto strategy roadmap


Strategy Roadmap

R-DBR: Roelto dashboard reporting


Dashboard Reporting

roelto workshop as a service



roelto collaboration as a service



R-SCRUM: Roelto scrum


Agile Project Management

R-BIM: Roelto Building Information Modelling Roadmap


Building Information Model Roadmap

pharmaceutical regulatory compliance portal


Pharmaceutical Regulatory Compliance

Communicate your story visually

Using the various SharpCloud views you can visualise your data to tell your story from different perspectives depending on your audience.

Create your data story today

Let your visual collaborations steer the conversation and decisions

grid view

Views your audience understand

Create views that are dynamically updated and can be put into context with comments, to help you uncover insights and simplify complex decision making.

As you collaborate with your data to create new views for better understanding, so you enhance your collaborations and decision making with other stakeholders.

“SharpCloud is a very good tool. You can organise your work, projects, ideas, strategy, roadmap whatever your organization is working on or planning to. In organisations that are widely spread and across the globe it is the perfect collaboration tool.”

Dimitris Chatzgoolou

International IT Manager

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