Frustrated Using Spreadsheets And Presentations To Run Your Projects and Business?

Visualise your project and business data to deliver data transparency, enhance collaboration and simplify complex decision making by using Roelto -Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCSL), powered by SharpCloud.

“SharpCloud is a very good tool. You can organise your work, projects, ideas, strategy, roadmap whatever your organization is working on or planning to. In organisations that are widely spread and across the globe it is the perfect collaboration tool.”

Dimitris Chatzgoolou, International IT Manager at ActionAid

Roelto – Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCSL), powered by SharpCloud

Roelt0 - Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCS), powered by SharpCloud

R-VCSL are preconfigured SharpCloud Stories that provide various business and projects solutions, enabling you to deliver your objectives and outcomes successfully.

Use one of our R-VCSL “SharpCloud Accelerators” (App) listed below, to start quickly or use it to develop your own SharpCloud solution saving you time and money.

Roelto Project Portfolio Management solution, powered by SharpCloud

R-PPM: Project Portfolio Management

Visualise all your projects and key data in one place, keep project teams and stakeholders informed on all aspects to ensure you deliver successfully.

  • Overall Project Status
  • Project Plan Activities (WBS) and Milestones
  • Cost Summary
  • Risk Matrix, status and mitigation
  • Dependencies with activities and other projects
  • Benefits Dependency Network and tracking
  • FTE Resources
  • Action Tracking and Change Log
  • Dashboards including highlights and project review commentary

R-DBR: Dashboard Reporting

Collate your data, reports and information from your spreadsheets, presentations and other Line of Business Systems automatically, saving non added value time/cost and enable collaborative interaction and update via online forms and messaging.

Develop collaborative business relationships

R-CaaS: Collaboration-as-a-Service

A complete suite of tools, templates and processes, based on ISO 44001 to help you develop and enhance your collaborative working and relationships with colleagues, business partners and organisations.

R-WaaS: Workshop-as-a-Service

A complete end-to-end digital facilitation service, involving limitless people who can communicate and collaborate before, during and after your workshop. R-WaaS combines Howspace an AI-powered collaboration tool with SharpCloud visual templates to deliver an interactive, visual collaboration experience that inspires co-creation and engagement.

Co-create ideas with people and innovate

R-IMP: Innovation Management Plan

Co-create ideas and prioritise collaboratively to develop solutions that deliver new value aligned to your business strategy and objectives.

R-SCRUM visualises your projects agile way of working

R-SCRUM: Agile working with Jira

SCRUM is an agile way of working based on how you actually work, helping you to reduce costs, time and increase productivity. Either use a simple visual scrum board or connect to Jira to deliver an interactive, enterprise view of all your projects, that stakeholders can understand.

Strategy Planning and Roadmap Workshop

R-SRM: Strategy Roadmapping

Your strategy can take several forms depending on what questions you are trying to answer. R-SRM provides a connected and dynamic strategy map focussed on four perspectives Learning and Growth, Internal Processes, Customer and Financial which shows how you create value.

People creating a technology roadmap

R-TRM: Technology Roadmapping

R-TRM is based around three main categories

  • Business / Market
  • Product / Service
  • Technology

Specific outcomes, products and solutions from your Technology Roadmap can be shared and inherited into your Strategy Roadmap.

SharpCloud Professional Services

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