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Create an agile SCRUM or connect to Jira to visualise your portfolio

Working in a small team or collaborating across multiple projects in Jira you can see them all in one place.  Improving visibility, transparency and burndown rate.

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Agile, high performing teams

Working in a linear left to right, “waterfall” way has been shown to be unpredictable, taking more time and cost to complete.  SCRUM is a recognised agile way of working to help improve predictability, performance and feedback to continually improve and deliver minimal viable products in highly productive and efficient  sprints.

R-SCRUM provides the option to either work as one project, combine and roll up to a portfolio and integrate with Jira to visualise projects all in one place with your Product Owners, Users and stakeholders.  Any updates and feedback are realised in the SCRUM and updated in Jira via a one step synchronisation.  Visualise your agile way of working and make it even more collaborative.

Example of R-SCRUM

Feel free to interact with one of our R-SCRUM apps, connected to Jira.  Just point and click to navigate, filter and discover more.

R-SCRUM  Overview and Functionality

Quickly brainstorm and create your backlog.  Start playing SCRUM poker to prioritise your backlog and start working on your project.  Connect to existing Jira projects and simply map Jira fields to your R-SCRUM data attributes and synchronise.  Now you have everything in one place!

Link your R-SCRUM to your R-TRM Technology roadmap and to you R-SRM Strategy Map and you have a fully integrated, agile business operating model, uncovering insights and simplifying complex decision making.

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R-CaaS: Overview and Functionality


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“Delivering a Performance Outcome Framework with so many people in such a short time was impressive.”

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