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Roelto is with you from the beginning with accredited ISO 44001 collaboration facilitators, SharpCloud data visualisation experts and a host of collaboration business partners to ensure you deliver value creating visual collaboration solutions that deliver immediate beneficial outcomes.

10 Step Visual Collaboration Program

To help you understand how to deliver a complete and integrated visual collaboration approach in your business and with your business partners, this visual collaboration program takes you through the 10 steps, over a 12 week, online program.

Visual Collaboration Leadership Program

10 Step Visual Collaboration Overview Videos


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Our Services

We offer a blended mix of consulting, advice, training and support based on your requirements and where you are in your visual collaboration journey.  With three services to choose from either individually or a combination of, ensures you have the flexibility to choose the right services depending on how much help you need.

Become data driven with SharpCloud Blueprint

Working within multiple industries and clients, we’ve recorded best practices and created the SharpCloud Deployment Blueprint Methodology to help you develop a data driven, collaborative organisation.

Keep up with the ever changing environment

Lets us share with you as we learn.  It’s so important to keep up to date on emerging trends, what works and what doesn’t and any new innovations that will help you to create a high performing, collaborative business.

Jason’s Blog

As new tips, tricks, functionality and how to videos for SharpCloud to collaborative insights, important news, lessons learnt and project success stories are discovered and completed, these will be shared with you.

R-VCS visualisation gallery

Our Roelto – Visual Collaboration Solution (R-VCS) gallery will provide you with new ideas, proven templates to help you communicate your story in a visual and collaborative way with you colleagues, partners and stakeholders.  You can explore, try pout and request a copy of the view for your story.


Roelto articles support your learning and development and covers collaboration, data visualisation and deployment approaches, supported with articles from our business partners.

Roelto client stories

Discover how our clients use visual collaboration to  transform their business.  From large enterprises to international charity organisations, our clients have amazing stories to encourage you.

BP Logo - Global Projects Organisation

Collaborative Contracting

BP Global Projects Organisation adopt a collaborative contracting and project data visualisation approach that significantly increase project performance.

dlr train

Project Portfolio Management

Docklands Light Railway capital projects saved over 212 days per annum by eliminating non added value administration activities and another estimated 299 days on indirect activities.

ActionAid Kenya picture

IT Finance Program Roadmap

ActionAid an international charity are using an agile and collaborative way-of-working to successfully deliver a new cloud based finance system to 46 countries.

Construction Project Management digital BIM

Online Collaborative Workshops

Linesight co-created enhanced ways of working by engaging all 3 international regions collaboratively, in one day.

Roelto Customer Service

Additional support services.

Support services

Contact our support desk to ask questions, get help or raise a support ticket for additional services.


One-to-one meeting

If you just want a chat, looking for advice or have questions simply set up a “Meeting with Jason”.


How to videos

Discover tricks about using SharpCloud or tools to support your collaborations in the VCS Video gallery.


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