Roelto delivers visual collaboration roadmaps and solutions that change the way way people use data and work together.

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About Roelto.

Roelto is a London based organisation founded in 2009 by Jason Hier, providing integrated collaboration and data visualisation roadmaps, advice, solutions and services called R-VCSS (Roelto – Visual Collaboration Solutions and Services), powered by SharpCloud to both public and private sectors.

Roelto Vision & Mission

Enabling people and data to work in harmony.

Our mission is to deliver successful and sustainable business and social outcomes, by visualising data and combining it with people and organisational “know how”.

Roelto Mission - Enabling people and data to work in harmony

Free Visual Collaboration Seminar

Discover how you can create new value through collaborative visualisations.

Roelto Services and Solutions

R-VCSS focuses on business and project collaboration and data visualisation with regards to Project Portfolio Management, Innovation, Collaboration and Risk Management, Strategy and Technology Roadmaps, and multiple types of online, facilitated Workshops. Our aim is to help you improve your business relationships, use your data effectively, increase productivity and performance to successfully deliver your strategic objectives and outcomes.

Visual Collaboration Roadmap

Roelto supports you to enhance your collaboration capability and data visualisation so you can connect Organisations, People, Processes and Systems to uncover insights, and simplify complex decision making, by taking an integrated approach at 4 levels, using our proven Visual Collaboration Roadmap:

  1. Organisation – leadership, culture, alignment, and teamwork
  2. People – behaviours, knowledge, skills, and capability
  3. Processes – operations, customer, innovation, and compliance management
  4. Systems – cloud software, collaboration technology, data, and integration

ISO 44001 Collaboration Advice and Support

Collaboration advice and support is provided by accredited ISO 44001 collaboration facilitator, using the 8 stage framework supported by proven techniques, processes and tools.

SharpCloud Roadmap Solutions

Roelto have been SharpCloud consultants and business partners since 2009, delivering discovery workshops, concepts, pilots and full deployment, training and support services, to help you visualise your data and create visual collaboration roadmaps and solutions, using the SharpCloud platform.

Value Proposition

Roelto Visual Collaboration Roadmaps, Solutions and Services (R-VCSS) will help you to deliver your strategic outcomes successfully by:

Develop collaboration capability and relationships

Working collaboratively, helping you to increase performance, competitiveness and reduce risk.

roelto innovation management platform

Generating ideas and opportunities to innovate and deliver new value.

Right visual collaboration mindset

Developing people and enhancing their collaborative behaviours, trust and openness

roelto collaboration as a service

Creating collaborative relationships to facilitate better engagement, continuous improvement and productivity

ISO 44001 Advisory Services

Improving and simplifying business processes through new insights and knowledge sharing

People and data working in harmony - trust

Enabling organisations, people, processes and data to be continuously connected and visible

Data visualisation and transparency

Providing data transparency enabling you to make better and quicker decisions

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Using preconfigured R-VCSL and tools, powered by SharpCloud to save over 50% in time and cost to implement your visual collaboration solutions

office 653 it system integration to r vcs sharpcloud

Integrating with Office 365 and other Line of Business Systems (LoBS)

roelto workshop as a service

Updating data automatically and sharing information, digital content and insight with other people securely, so that everyone can see the complete picture

r vcs sharpcloud editor

Visualising key data from your existing Line of Business Systems (LoBS) and business partners, to create data driven views and dashboards, all in one place across multiple devices

Working With You

Contact Roelto to discuss your Visual Collaboration Roadmap initiatives, programs and projects by Getting In Touch or setting up a one-to-one call.

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Roelto – Public Sector

Roelto is a listed supplier on the Digital Marketplace G-Cloud for both Cloud Solutions and Services. Please click the links below to learn more:

Visual Collaboration Solutions (software)

Visual Collaboration Services (Support)

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Accredited ISO 44001 Collaboration Facilitator

As an accredited ISO 44001 collaboration facilitator and a Member of the Institute for Collaborative Working (MICW), I use this framework specification as a starting point for you to assess the potential benefits of adopting a collaborative approach.

Roelto - SharpCloud Business Partner

SharpCloud Business Partner

Since 2008 I have been helping people to visualise their data and put it to work using Roelto -Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCSL) and Roadmaps, powered by SharpCloud to increase their productivity, support collaboration and uncover insights to help simplify complex decision making.


Facilitate and enable  hybrid collaboration

Clevertouch interactive screens are an essential digital tool for any business to support successful hybrid collaboration across the enterprise and with business partners.  Combined with R-VCS | SharpCloud apps delivers you a complete and all in one visual collaboration platform empowering business leaders and staff to maximise their potential. Start a Video conference call with one click, Multi-host Zoom, Teams, or any Video conference application at the same time.

Discover why your business needs a Visual Collaboration Roadmap

Enhance your business hybrid collaboration by joining one of our visual collaboration seminars or simply contact us for a quick chat