Support your visual collaborations and hybrid working by adopting the ISO 44001 8 step collaboration framework

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Make the most of your collaborations by adopting a visual collaborative approach based on the ISO 44001 Collaboration Framework

Whether you are looking to improve your internal organisational collaboration, hybrid working, project team work, develop new business relationships with other organisations, Roelto Integrated Collaboration approach will help you enhance your collaborations and create new value more quickly.  Despite every relationship being unique, we can help you establish a collaboration framework that can be adopted by everyone.

business collaboration model

Business Collaboration Supports Hybrid Working

Ensure your business collaborations and hybrid working are creating new value for everyone by integrating and aligning your physical, data, digital and visual collaborations, so that they support one another and enable people to perform.

Physical Collaboration

Creating collaborative business relationships by committed organisations to maximise joint performance for achievement of mutual objectives and creation of additional value

Data Collaboration

Visualizing data from all of your different data sources, and getting this data to the right people, in the right format, in time to use it in making effective decisions.

Digital Collaboration

Digital collaboration is using digital technologies for collaboration. Dramatically different from traditional collaboration, it connects a broader network of participants who can accomplish much more than they would on their own.

Visual Collaboration

Aligning and integrating your physical, data and digital collaborations you will have co-created your business visual collaboration solution that will enable you to collaborate with other people and organisations, share and visualise data and work remotely in highly productive way.

Free Visual Collaboration Seminar

To help you see where you are on your collaboration journey complete a quick survey and get a link to attend a Free Visual Collaboration Seminar.  The seminar will cover the different types of collaborations and will share with you an integrated collaboration roadmap with an opportunity to attend a free collaboration workshop.

How we help you collaborate

Roelto Integrated Collaboration Approach is based on the ISO 44001 collaborative business relationship management systems – requirements and framework.  Jason, the founder of Roelto became an accredited facilitator in 2012 and has used this framework to develop processes, ways of working and visual collaboration solutions that you can use within your business and with your business partners.

iso 44001 advisory service

ISO 44001 Collaboration Advisory Services

Get an introduction to ISO 440001 and how you can apply it within your business and with your partners to create new value.

Visual Collaboration Gap Analysis

Visual Collaboration Gap Analysis

Complete an online collaboration gap analysis workshop facilitated by an accredited ISO 440001 facilitator to identify the gaps and opportunities within your business.

People organizational alignment

Collaboration Alignment

Delivering your joint outcomes successfully requires “sufficient” alignment of everyone engaged in joint collaborations. Ensuring everyone genuinely agrees about why, what, when, where , how, who and how much is critical.

Collaboration roadmap timeline

Collaboration Roadmap

Co-create your Strategic Collaboration Roadmap quickly and easily using one of our Roadmap Templates, R-CaaS.

ISO 44001 introduction training

ISO 44001 Collaboration Workshop (1 Day)

This interactive workshop provides you with an introduction to ISO 44001, in particular the application of the collaboration framework – Section 8 Operation and includes one subscription to Roelto Collaboration-as-a-Service tool.

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ISO 44001 Collaboration & Relationship Management Plan Workshop (2 Days)

A 2 day workshop including an Introduction to ISO 44001 and the development of your collaboration Relationship Management Plan (RMP) and one subscription to Roelto Collaboration-as-a-Service tool.

Jason and myself collaborated in creating the interactive roadmap for Hybrid Electric aircraft within the FutPrInt50 project.

Jason’s experience and knowledge made us able to deliver more than was expected. His thorough understanding of creating model based interactive roadmaps challenged us take the extra step and visualize more than was initially anticipated.

I can highly recommend working with Jason, as he pushes you to higher levels.

Evert Windels
Aerospace design and integration engineer

Jason helped us shape the #futprint50 roadmap into shape. He gave us great advice and helped us navigate from the general to the implementation.

He was also dedicated and a key element to the final product. I would welcome working again with him for a similar endeavour.


Ricardo Reis (PhD, ASEP, Eng)
RD Systems Engineering

“Being able to visualise and update our NPD portfolio in less than 4 hours, online with colleagues in different international locations via video conference has saved us over $25,000 in travelling expenses and 2 days of travelling per person per month.”

VP of New Product Development
New Product Development

“Jason is a first class professional consultant who I have had the pleasure of working with over the course of the last 5 years. Jason is great at leading people on the path to excellence.

I engaged Jason on a major finance transformation project which I lead for a large INGO – involving a strong IT component and a global scale, we needed a change agent with a disciplined approach and a strategic thought process. Jason has brought invaluable expertise in the areas of project methodology and coaching, risk management, business processes, data management, vendor management (from RFP/RFQ) and helping us get the most from our significant investment in a cloud-based financial management solution.

On a personal level, I appreciate the team spirit and interpersonal skills which Jason brings – being approachable and able to bring people together from diverse functions and backgrounds from junior to senior level, cut through the nonsense with objectivity and a positive constructive analytical approach, always based on delivering value and helping people move forward.

I can recommend Jason without hesitation for any complex change initiative requiring collaboration.”

John Brophy
Strategic Improvement Lead - Finance and IT

“I can recommend Jason (Roelto) without hesitation for any complex change initiative requiring collaboration.”

John Brophy
Strategic Improvement Lead - Finance and IT

“Delivering a Performance Outcome Framework with so many people in such a short time was impressive.”

BP Project Manager
Project Manager

ISO 44001 business collaboration overview

For most organisations the challenge to starting any relationship and collaboration management programme is to find a suitable framework within which to develop ideas.  The ISO 44001 framework can be used to develop your collaboration roadmap and is based on an 8 step programme.  To find out more about the 8 steps within the Operation section of the standard, click on the button below to play the presentation.

Collaboration Services

Based on your free initial collaboration gap analysis you can choose from a blended mix of training, consulting, support and tools based on the identified gap and opportunities.  With three levels of services to choose from you have the option to choose the right service based on your business need and how much support you need.


A good understanding of Roelto Integrated Collaboration Approach to lay the foundations for your business and project collaborations.


An interactive and visual collaboration roadmap that sets the right direction based on your gap analysis and aligned to your strategic business objectives and outcomes.


A complete collaboration solution including collaborative working, management system and platform integrated into your business so you can start using internally and with your business partners.

ISO 44001 8 Stages

Below are the 8 Stages of the ISO 44001 framework that is used to complete your Collaboration Gap Analysis.  These stages form the basis of your Relationship Management Plan which you can use as a guide and as template when developing collaborative business and project relationships.

ISO 44001 Operation 8 stages model

Strategic Phase

1 Clearly identify the business opportunities and overall collaboration strategy to partner and work more collaboratively with other organisations – Stage 1 Awareness

2. Discover and create a body of knowledge within your business to develop a business case and benefits analysis to work more collaboratively with potential business partners – Stage 2 Knowledge

3. Conduct an internal gap analysis of your business collaboration capability and maturity from an organisational and  people perspective – Stage 3 Internal assessment

Engagement Phase

4. Identify, evaluate and select partners who meet your collaboration profile and will add significant value and profit to the business relationship – Stage 4 Partner selection

5. Maximise the utilisation of existing processes, systems, people and organisation assets that will facilitate a quick and productive start to the business relationship, saving you time and money – Stage 5 Working together

6. Co-create new value, increased profitability and competitiveness  through joint creative innovation and continual improvement programmes and projects – Stage 6 Value creation

Management Phase

7. Jointly work in an effective and efficient way to continually improve and add new value to your business relationship – Stage 7 Staying together

8. Understand when it is the right time for you to stop working jointly and exit in a controlled and respectful manner ensuring business continuity is maintained and the opportunity to collaborate and partner in the future – Stage 8 Exit strategy

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