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Clevertouch interactive screens enables your visual collaboration and hybrid working

Clevertouch Interactive Screens

Interact and collaborate successfully

From the boardroom, project workspace to the breakout area, the Clevertouch all-in-one Enterprise Ecosystem facilitates business-wide visual collaboration and hybrid working – empowering business leaders and project teams to maximise their potential. From project reception rooms and booking systems through to in-meeting interactive displays, the Clevertouch ‘full building and project communication systems’ can be managed via Clevertouch Live, a single login that transforms enterprise communications and workspaces into an integrated, seamless experience.,065 copy

Visual Collaboration

Clevertouch interactive screens enables your business to visually collaborate, improving productivity, performance and communication.

A unique user experience for the collaborative space, redefining collaborative and hybrid working, whether your a Micro, SME or Enterprise business.

Dynamic and interactive workshops

Complete your digital workshops by unleashing creativity with R-VCS apps designed for digital facilitation, brainstorming, roadmapping and interactive  presentations.


Visual Collaboration for Leaders

Visualise key business information and facilitate enterprise collaboration to uncover insights and simplify complex decision making.

As part of your Visual Collaboration Ecosystem, participants can wirelessly share any content, use any software (including R-VCS apps) and share any screen, facilitating effective and productive meetings – the lifeblood of your business. No technical interruptions, issues, or fuss.

Visual Collaboration facilitates team collaboration

Visual Collaboration for Teams

Helping your project team to work collaboratively with colleagues and other business partners creates a win-win culture ensuring project outcomes are delivered successfully.

The enterprise solution, UX Pro, allows efficient Unified Communication via a single platform, allowing you to streamline and enhance business communications, collaboration, and productivity.

Connect and collaborate with purpose built apps to support hybrid working

Gain access to the Clevertouch Digital Ecosystem and bring your people together with purpose built software.

ClevertouchLive allows administrators to connect and control all of their devices from anywhere. CleverShare allows your staff to connect up to 50 devices to a Clevertouch screen and share content – images, video, and audio. CleverMessage transforms all connected devices into digital signage allowing synchronisation of a single message across all connected devices, for instant mass communication.

Using Roelto’s R-VCS apps you can complete a wide range of business activities and processes as part of your hybrid working environment.

Combine this with an enhanced collaborative culture and way of working, ensures your collaborations are successful every time.

Clevertouch UX Pro Interactive Screen displaying Roelto's R-PPM app, powered by SharpCloud
Clevertouch software and R-VCS apps

Experience True Visual Collaboration with Clevertouch Interactive Screens

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