Convert your strategy map into tangible outcomes with R-SRM

(Roelto – Strategy Roadmap)

Align your intangible and tangible assets to deliver growth and productivity

R-SRM combines a visual and collaborative strategy map linked to other strategies, plans and outputs from you workshops (e.g. PESTLE, SWOT, etc.) to create an interactive strategic roadmap including balanced scorecards to facilitate successful strategy execution.

Strategy roadmap using R-SRM

Dynamically visualise and communicate your strategy

Strategy execution is key to your strategy success.  R-SRM is co-created by people in your business ensuring their buy in – “skin in the game” and their support to deliver the their (the business) strategy.

Taking outputs and insights from your workshops, linking to other roadmaps, transformation and functional business plans so that you see the “cause and effect” relationship from your Vision, Mission, Strategy to your business balanced scorecard, linked to targets and initiatives ensures you deliver your strategic outcomes.

Example of R-SRM

Feel free to interact with one of our R-SRM apps, SWOT and Strategy Map.  Just point and click to navigate, filter and discover more.

R-SRM  Overview and Functionality

Your strategy can take several forms depending on what questions you are trying to answer. R-SRM provides a connected and dynamic strategy map focussed on four perspectives Learning and Growth, Internal Processes, Customer and Financial which shows how you create value.

  • Financial Perspective: Long term versus short term
  • Customer Perspective: Strategy is based on differentiated value proposition
  • Internal Perspective: Value is created through internal business processes
  • Learning and Growth Perspective: Strategic alignment of intangible assets

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R-SRM: Overview and Functionality


Strategy can take several forms depending on what questions you are trying to answer such as:

  • Business – what business model should you adopt; Application – what features and services do you need to develop?
  • Technology – what technology should you invest in?
  • Corporate – what type of business should you be in?
  • Competitive and business strategy – how do you compete in a market?
  • Operational strategies – how do your teams and departments in your organisation align and contribute to the vision, mission and strategic goals?

R-SRM provides a set of common views focussed around your Market, Technology and Finances and incorporates a step by step process to develop your business strategy in an agile way so you can put it to work quickly and continuously improve.  From your Strategy Roadmap your specific dashboard and balance score cards can be used to measure progress and performance.

The use of other R-VCSL such as SWOT, PESTLE, Strategy Map, Long Term Planning, etc. as listed in R-WaaS can be used to develop your Strategy Roadmap.

In the image above of a Strategy Roadmap – continuous manufacturing is a theme within the Life Sciences Strategy Roadmap example , filtered for a Continuous Manufacturing scenario.  This shows the dependencies (relationships) which are colour coded to show Priority and the cost of the relationships by thickness with the overall total in the top right-hand corner.

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R-SRM reviews

“A genuine pleasure to work with Jason over the past 12 months. Jason is a first class communicator and that rare breed of person that successfully combines a wide ranging strategic viewpoint with a meticulous attention to detail. We would position Roelto as key partners in the integration and enhancement of our global communication platform within the Industrial team at Enterprise Ireland.”

John Hunt
Senior Market Advisor

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