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(Roelto – Workshop-as-a-Service)

Connect, co-create and collaborate with your hybrid workers

R-WaaS is a visual and collaborative workshop tool that involves limitless people from anywhere to work beyond workshops and co-create instead of working in silos.

SWOT workshop using Workshop-as-a-Service digital SWOT collaboration workshop

Engage participants before, during and after

R-WaaS supports your innovation, transformation, learning and development events and workshops.  People can engage before the workshop, complete pre work, review and familiarise themselves with agenda, objectives and outcomes.

Using pre-configured templates people can create, interact and visually collaborate in a dynamic, engaging and safe environment.  After the workshop people can review and reflect and continue the discussion, including people who did not attend.

Example of R-WaaS

Feel free to interact with one of our R-WaaS apps, SWOT workshop.  Just point and click to navigate, filter and discover more.

R-WaaS  Overview and Functionality

Deliver digital online workshops, enable remote working and face-to- face workshops using Workshop-as-Service (WaaS), a collaboration platform powered by Howspace and SharpCloud.

  • Workshops and Events – there are multiple types of workshops available for you to use with pre-configured templates such as SWOT, PESTLE, etc or you can develop a specific workshop and event, tailored to your specific needs
  • Learning and training programs – whether its a one off or standard repeating program, WaaS delivers an interactive, social learning environment
  • Organisational development and change initiatives – Waas enables everyone to be part of the change, ensuring alignment and the ability to co-create the solution and deliver the agreed outcomes successfully

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R-WaaS: Overview and Functionality


There are many times when you will need work remotely and virtually to complete a workshop or collaborative meeting to progress projects/business, identify issues, opportunities, develop a strategy or create ideas.  An inability to work effectively, remotely or virtually, typically results in wasted time or having to organise meeting rooms, travelling, booking hotels all which costs time and money.  In addition, once the workshop/meeting has finished, post activities such as collating the workshop/meeting notes, reviewing and sharing it with attendees takes several days, sometimes weeks and the whole momentum is lost.

R-WaaS solves all these issues with pre-configured workshop/meeting templates that you can complete online with people in different locations.  Immediately after the workshop/meeting is completed people can view the outputs, add comments, and continue to collaborate virtually.  Below are a sample of the workshop/meeting templates you can start using:

  • SWOT Analysis – Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats
  • GAP Analysis – generic template or specific gap analysis such as ISO 44001, BIM BS 1192, etc.
  • PESTLE – Political, Economic, Social, Technology, Legal and Environmental analysis
  • Strategy Map – create your strategy against the 4 perspectives, Finance, Customer, Internal Learning and Growth
  • Stakeholder Management Workshop – identify and assess your stakeholders
  • Strategy and Technology Roadmapping Workshop – develop your strategic or technology roadmap – based on the Institute for Manufacturing (IfM) S&T Plan
  • Long Term Planning Workshop – 3 Horizons (past, current and future)
  • Makigami Workshop – simplifying end-to-end processes
  • Performance Management Framework – identify your outcomes with Key Performance indicators, aligned to your business or project strategy.

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R-WaaS reviews

“Based on my experience with these workshops I would recommend the use of Jason and his technology R-WaaS /facilitation capability.”

Noel O'Donnel
Operational Excellence Manager

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