Ending poverty by working collaboratively and visualising data easily

ActionAid is a global movement of people fighting for women’s rights, social justice and an end to poverty
ActionAid – working to achieve social justice and gender equality, and to eradicate poverty.

Project Collaboration

Delivering a global project to 46 countries is a challenge for most organisations. For a charity such as ActionAid, this is even more challenging during these uncertain times!

ActionAid is a global movement of people fighting for women’s rights, social justice and an end to poverty. Operating in over 40 countries, working with multiple donors and partners involves a high degree of alignment, team work, project collaboration, including systems and tools to support the delivery of country programmes and their outcomes successfully.

Roelto has supported ActionAid since 2012 and started the Global Finance System (GFS) project in November 2015. As ActionAid is a Federation, this meant that a very collaborative approach was required to ensure that the business requirements and final solution were co-created by the Federation members. This was accomplished through several workshops, joint selection of the financial system (Infor Sun 6.3) and the delivery of a Pilot, involving 4 countries’ that represented the Federation. To date we have 33 countries either deployed or “in flight” with the aim of completing the deployment by the early part of 2021.


Communicating to Stakeholders

Communicating with stakeholders, such as users, country leadership teams, the system vendor (Infor) and the GFS Steering Group is critical, to ensure a successful outcome for each country deployment. One of the ways that this has been achieved is by visualising project data and information using Roelto Dashboard Reporting application (R-DBR), powered by SharpCloud.

The following video is an extract of us presenting the GFS project at the Infor Inspire 2020 virtual conference. Previously, this involved spreadsheets and PowerPoint presentation’s. Now we have everything in one place with multiple views to suit the various stakeholder audiences, which are updated in near to real time.



Manage Your Projects Visually and Collaboratively

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