Digital SWOT Workshop

Complete your SWOT Analysis easily online with remote colleagues

SWOT Workshop Overview

swot workshop using workshop as a service

Digital Facilitation

Complete your SWOT Workshop using our online SWOT template including an experienced digital facilitator to facilitate your SWOT workshop so you can identify the Strengths Weakness, Opportunities and Threats to create your action plan.

All pre workshop setup is taken care of so you can focus on contributing rather trying to organise and participate at the same time.  After your workshop is completed your facilitator will provide you with data driven views that  you can share and socialise either directly or as a PowerPoint /PDF document..

Customer workshops

“The professionalism of Jason and the workshop that he delivered was outstanding and demonstrated that it is possible to productively complete such workshops using R-WaaS (Roelto Workshop-as-a-Service) without having the overhead of travel logistics & costs.”

Noel O'Donnel


Jason was very good at keeping the team focused and providing direction, there wasn’t any negative aspect, I think you had done your homework on the AAI IT road-map.”

Henry Wanyonyi

International IT

“I was impressed in the way we have completed and organized our workshops using Workshop-as-a-Service (Sharpcloud)”

Dimitris Chatzooglou

International IT Manager

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