ISO 44001 Collaboration Gap Analysis Workshop

Create profitable business relationships and collaborations by completing a collaboration gap analysis workshop

Collaboration Gap Analysis Workshop Overview

To ensure you, your colleagues and business partner are aligned and working collaboratively to deliver your project and business outcomes successfully complete a collaboration gap analysis workshop.  Based on the ISO 44001 collaborative business relationship management system – requirements and framework this workshop will quickly identify the gaps and opportunities to improve performance and collaboration.

With your colleagues and team members you can jointly assess your current collaboration capability and maturity against the 8 main stages to co-create your business/corporate Relationship Management Plan (RMP) or a joint RMP with your business partners and project team members.  Your RMP is your blueprint and is generated as part of the workshop, where you can assign responsibilities, priorities and dates to get completed.  Your collaboration workshop covers the following 8 stages:

  1. Operational awareness – addresses your overall collaboration strategic policy and processes; identifies collaborative working as a recognised approach and the added value it will bring
  2. Knowledge – collate a body of knowledge against the the specific or identified opportunity to create a business case and benefits analysis
  3. Internal assessment – here you can complete an organisational structural assessment to determine your maturity and capability, including any necessary training, development and recruitment requirements
  4. Partner selection – create a partner selection criteria to help you identify partners and support the partner evaluation and final selection
  5. Working together – co-create a partner operational structure and establish governance, roles and responsibilities and joint objectives and outcomes
  6. Value creation – establish approaches and engage to seek and deliver new value
  7. Staying together – implement effective measurement and monitoring to maintain optimum performance during the lifecycle of the relationship
  8. Exit strategy – develop a strategy, monitor exit triggers and maintain strategy for respectful and controlled disengagement
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Examples of ISO 44001 Collaboration Gap Analysis Views – scroll and enlarge to see.

Digital Facilitation

Complete your Collaboration Gap Analysis Workshop using our online template including an accredited ISO 44001 and experienced digital facilitator to facilitate your collaboration workshop so you can identify the gaps and opportunities for you to create new value.

All pre workshop setup is taken care of so you can focus on contributing rather trying to organise and participate at the same time.  After your workshop is completed your facilitator will provide you with data driven views that  you can share and socialise either directly or as a PowerPoint /PDF document..

Customer workshops

“It was really good to see the interaction of everyone using the SharpCloud platform interactively.”

Performance Manager
Performance Manager

“Jason, you are great facilitator and good listener. I don’t think the SharpCloud sessions would be that productive without your great facilitation skills and attention to details.”

Tsegaye Ayele
IT Systems Manager

Jason Hier Workshop Facilitator:  “Your experience and your proposed ideas helped our interactive communication. You were always teasing us, proposing, suggesting and the result was very good”.

Dimitris Chatzooglou
International IT Manager

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