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Align your technology with your services, products, business strategy and market by completing a technology roadmap workshop

Technology Roadmap Workshop Overview

If you are responsible for technology innovation and development in your business, you will know that communicating this kind of information is quite a challenge for many reasons such as the complexity, the variety of people and functions that need to be engaged, the linkages between technology resources and company objectives, as well as the lack of time and the ability to maintain. Technology is an important strategic asset for you and there is an increasing need for you to include technological considerations in your strategy and planning processes.

Completing a Technology Roadmap Workshop using R-WaaS you can co-create visual roadmaps as a way to map your strategy, innovation and technology plans and understand the linkages between each element provides you with a framework that is easy for people to understand, communicate and deliver. Using R-WaaS and our technology roadmap templates you can create different types of roadmaps such as:

  1. Product Planning – type of technology roadmap identifying technology within products, including generations of the product
  2. Capability planning – this is for more service based businesses and how technology acts as an enabler
  3. Strategic planning – identifies strategic areas including the evaluation of opportunities and threats – refer to SWOT workshop.
  4. Long-range planning – sometimes referred to Horizon Planning and can span hundred years plus and is applied typically at a national level.
  5. Knowledge asset planning – this helps to align your knowledge assets and knowledge management system with your business initiatives.
  6. Using Strategy Maps is also a good visual tool to use.
  7. Programme planning – this typically takes the format of Gantt charts and visualise multiple projects and programmes such as R&D, Innovation.
  8. Process planning – Facilitates the management of knowledge to support a particular business process such as New Product Development (note the image below is based on a Pharmaceutical NPD and Manufacturing roadmap)
  9. Integration planning – Focusses on the integration/evolution if technologies and how they can be used to develop new products.
roelto technology roadmap

Examples of Technology Roadmap Views – scroll and enlarge to see.

Digital Facilitation

Complete your Stakeholder Workshop using our online Stakeholder Management template including an experienced digital facilitator to facilitate your stakeholder workshop so you can identify your stakeholders, their needs and concerns so you can create your stakeholder relationship management plan.

All pre workshop setup is taken care of so you can focus on contributing rather trying to organise and participate at the same time.  After your workshop is completed your facilitator will provide you with data driven views that  you can share and socialise either directly or as a PowerPoint /PDF document..

Technology Roadmap Templates

Click on the icons on the left hand side to view the different types of roadmap layouts and formats you can use.

Customer workshops

“I thought being in a country (Mombasa, Kenya) with low bandwidth trying to complete an important workshop like the IT  business strategy with a facilitator sitting in UK wouldn’t be effective. I was wrong. It was effective, collaborative, and a very good experience.”

Dimitris Chatzooglou
International IT Manager

“Jason, you are great facilitator and good listener. I don’t think the SharpCloud sessions would be that productive without your great facilitation skills and attention to details.”

Tsegaye Ayele
IT Systems Manager

“Delivering a Performance Outcome Framework with so many people in such a short time was impressive.”

BP Project Manager
Project Manager

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