Project Portfolio Management Workshop

Visualise all your projects in once place,  connect your project data silos and project management systems for real time updates by completing a project portfolio workshop

Project Portfolio Management Workshop Overview

A common challenge to managing a portfolio of projects effectively, is getting all your relevant and key project data and project commentary into one place, so that you can see it altogether.

Typically there are specific project Line of Business Systems (LoBS’s) which create separate “data silos”, such as:

  • Project Management e.g. MS Project, Primevera
  • Risk Management
  • Cost and Commercial Management
  • Benefit Management
  • Change Control
  • Documentation Management

This is further complicated when you have poor data governance, quality and standardisation.  This leads to incorrect project information and a lack of data trust.

Completing a Project portfolio Management Workshop using R-PPM you can co-create visual dashboards and data driven views as a way to see your project data in various views that is easy for people to understand, communicate and facilitate successful project delivery. Using R-PPM and our ready built  templates you can create your visual and collaborative project portfolio management views that will help you to uncover insights and simplify complex decision making:

  1. RAG Dashboard – provides navigation  as well as a focus area of your projects/portfolio so you can immediately deal with the important aspects.
  2. Project and Programme Health – review the status of all your projects and make an informed decision at a Programme level for key aspects such as:
    1. Overall status
    2. Schedule
    3. Resource
    4. Costs
    5. Risks/Issues/Opportunities
    6. Benefits
    7. Programme Dependencies (internal and external)
  3. Project Health – A more detailed view of all your projects in a matrix, such as overall RAG status against your project lifecycle stage with multiple filters e.g. Location, Project Theme, etc.
  4. Lifecycle – Understand where your projects are in your lifecycle stage and their status, including a separate view of your ideas/innovation projects
  5. Schedule – See if project are running late, early or on time.  Breakout of phases, milestones and their status including any variances in days.
  6. Costs and Benefits – Either show costs as a graph or combine with an existing view. eg Overall RAG status and Lifecycle – you will see the overall costs plus the costs for each part of the matrix.  You can also link to your cost management system or existing reports such as Microsoft Power BI via a HTML panel.
  7. Performance Benefits – list your projects by Performance RAG and include other performance data attributes such as comments, Strategic Benefit(s), Theme, and various KPI’s.
  8. Golden Threads – link your projects to your project metrics, KPIs and Strategic Benefits to your overall business strategy objectives/outcomes to show the cause and effect at a project, programme, portfolio and business strategy level.
  9. Risks – Show your project risks in a Probability Impact Diagram (PID) based on the average risk values for each project risk.  Set your Programme and Portfolio Risks based on this data driven view.
  10. Resources and RACI – Assign resources to your projects, visualise your resource loading and understand who is responsible, accountable, needs to be consulted or informed for all your projects.
  11. Project Updates – quickly understand the level of accuracy of your projects based on the last time they were updated.
project portfolio management

Examples of Project Portfolio Views – scroll and enlarge to see.

R-PPM Digital Facilitation

Complete your Project Portfolio Management Workshop using our online R-PPM template including an experienced digital facilitator to facilitate your PPM workshop so you can see all your projects based on your project data and “roll them up” into your programmes and overall portfolio.

All pre workshop setup (share your project meta data) is taken care of so you can focus on contributing rather trying to organise and participate at the same time.  After your workshop is completed your facilitator will provide you with data driven views that  you can share and socialise either directly in R-PPM or as a PowerPoint /PDF document..

R-PPM Template example

Click on the Items (boxes) to filter the view.  Click on it to show in context and click it again to open it to find out more.  Click the space outside to return back to original view.

Customer workshops

“I thought being in a country (Mombasa, Kenya) with low bandwidth trying to complete an important workshop like the IT  business strategy with a facilitator sitting in UK wouldn’t be effective. I was wrong. It was effective, collaborative, and a very good experience.”

Dimitris Chatzooglou
International IT Manager

“I was impressed in the way we have completed and organized our workshops using Workshop-as-a-Service (Sharpcloud)”

Dimitris Chatzooglou
International IT Manager

Jason Hier Workshop Facilitator:  “Your experience and your proposed ideas helped our interactive communication. You were always teasing us, proposing, suggesting and the result was very good”.

Dimitris Chatzooglou
International IT Manager

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