Co-create ideas and manage your innovations  with R-IMP

(Roelto – Innovation Management Platform)

Increase speed to market and deliver new innovation value

See your complete innovation project portfolio at all stages of your development lifecycle.  Complete ideation workshops with colleagues and other innovators in different locations.  Prioritise and manage your projects using your key metrics such as cost, time, resources, technical readiness level to increase speed and certainty through your innovation pipeline.

R-IMP Innovation Management Platform
R-IMP: Innovation RAG Status

Collaborate and innovate

Engaging with colleagues, external business partners, suppliers to create ideas, insights and breakthrough conversations is critical.  R-IMP facilitates the development of creating an innovation culture by enabling people to post ideas, rank, and comment simply and easily.

Increase speed to market and create new value by enabling people to run innovation projects and programs that can be visualised and outcomes measured to gain maximum business impact.  Establish a repeatable process through your stage gates and see the results at an enterprise level.

Example of R-IMP

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R-IMP Overview and Functionality

Innovation and continuous improvement is key to you and your business performance and productivity.  R-IMP enables you to create ideas collaboratively either individually or in a workshop where you can prioritise against various parameters such as complexity, ease of implementation, cost, benefit, Technical Readiness Level (TRL), time, etc.  and their alignment to the business/project mission and objectives.  Once an idea is approved, it moves through the innovation stage gates, adopting an agile way of working, supported by R-SCRUM:

  1. Research and analysis of user needs
  2. Development of ideas and concepts
  3. Development of prototypes – refer to R-SCRUM for agile development
  4. Testing of prototype
  5. Implementation

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R-SRM: Overview and Functionality


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R-IMP reviews

“Being able to visualise and update our NPD portfolio in less than 4 hours, online with colleagues in different international locations via video conference has saved us over $25,000 in travelling expenses and 2 days of travelling per person per month.”

VP of New Product Development
New Product Development

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