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R-VCS supports your business productivity by making things better

Summary.  Many businesses still do not have a digital vision that addresses the new hybrid way of working and for example are still manually using office tools to complete business processes.  In a recent HBR article (Oct 2021)  by Doug Farren and Anil K. Makhija, data shows that middle-market companies with a digital vision that is clear, comprehensive, and guides strategic decisions grow 75% faster on average than less digitally sophisticated peers.  Adopting a visual collaboration approach within your digital transformation can help make things better, increase your productivity and support business growth.

Increase Business Productivity

There are common business activities across all organisations, sectors and industries that underperform for various reasons.  Working with many clients what I have noticed is the lack of automation, over complicated and inefficient processes, lack of digital systems/tools and siloed data.

In particular the use of business data usually involves using spreadsheets and presentations.

You can increase your business productivity by stop wasting time extracting, loading and transposing, (copying, pasting and modifying) data from and  into your spreadsheets and presentations.

Typically when helping businesses implement a visual collaboration approach the following improvements and productivity outcomes have been realised.

This was based on eliminating multiple spreadsheets and countless presentations, implementing a standard data template that provided high quality data, information and visualisations that could be trusted and acted upon with confidence.  As a result the creation of reports and dashboards were automated, eliminating manual, repetitive tasks.

Reducing the amount of time spent on non-value adding tasks leading to a total time saving equivalent to 3 FTE or £150,000 per annum and £750,000 over the 5 year programme

Using R-VCS (Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions), powered by SharpCloud in your business can help you save time and money.

R-VCS powered by SharpCloud

The video below shows how you can increase your business performance and productivity through improved data visualisation and collaboration using R-VCS apps, powered by SharpCloud.

Visual Collaboration Business Apps

Roelto has several different R-VCS business and project applications, powered by SharpCloud, which can be applied seamlessly across any business, sector or industry in which you work.

This flexibility and scalability provides you with a risk free opportunity to evaluate, test and implement a visual collaboration approach and solution that will increase your overall productivity, performance and business decision capability.

Your R-VCS apps can range from a simple app such as a SWOT workshop to an Enterprise Project Portfolio Management solution like R-PPM.

R-PPM (Roelto Project Portfolio Management) solution

R-VCS Key Benefits

Creating a digital vision and roadmap that includes digital tools, collaborative working, visual collaboration apps (e.g. R-VCS) supported by a data culture, you can start to deliver the following benefits.

  • Visualise Data

    Visualise and combine key data from your existing Line of Business System’s and business partners, create data driven views and dashboards, all in one place

  • R-VCS Templates

    Use the R-VCSL templates and preconfigured solutions to deliver quickly and successfully

  • Automatic Data Updates

    Update data automatically and share information, digital content and insight with other people securely

  • High Performance

    Enhance your ways-of-working by connecting organisations, people, processes and systems

  • Informed Decision Making

    Simplify complex business processes and decision making

  • Collaborative Working

    Work collaboratively, remotely and virtually online with colleagues and other organisations

Increase Productivity in Your Business

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