How I discovered a fresh approach to business collaboration

I’ve worked in a great variety of roles over the past 25 years, from coaching my local rugby teams to serving as a process control engineer, manager, consultant and business leader for several global organisations. However, at every stage of my career, the common thread has been my interest in helping people work more effectively together to produce a result that’s greater than anything they could achieve individually.

This has become more and more important in today’s business world, where organisations are finding themselves having to work within a global market, often for the first time. Although they may be quite accomplished at getting their own teams to work together effectively, developing a successful business collaboration with another organisation, potentially in another country, is still proving challenging for them. As a result, communication breaks down, projects are pushed over-time and over-budget, and a promising business collaboration turns sour.

Does this sound familiar? If you have struggled with business collaboration in the past, you’re far from alone. Having spent years helping people collaborate more effectively, I was keen to find a solution that would simplify the process and make successful business collaboration straightforward for organisations at all levels. It took several years of research and testing, but eventually I found it in the form of the British Standards Institute BS 11000 – collaborative business relationships – and SharpCloud – a visual place to do business.

To find out more, just complete the form to the right, and I’ll post you out a free copy of my new guide, “A modern approach to business collaboration” – the ultimate introduction to visual collaboration for growing organisations.

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