What is SharpCloud?

Visualise and Collaborate using SharpCloud

SharpCloud is a data visualisation and collaboration platform, which you can use as a business productivity tool to support your business and projects.

SharpCloud frees your data from gridlocked spreadsheets. You can integrate data from external sources like Microsoft Excel and display it in a connected, interactive story (R-VCS user cases / applications) that enhances understanding.

SharpCloud increases productivity and performance

However, unlike the standard business visualisation tools such as PowerPoint, SharpCloud functionality provides you a unique opportunity to collate multiple data sets and communicate the same data and information through dynamic, data driven views to suit the various audiences within your projects and business.

Using SharpCloud is very flexible and functionally rich tool for you to use.  To make it even easier  for you to start putting SharpCloud to work in your business, Roelto a SharpCloud Business Partner since 2009 has developed multiple R-VCS (SharpCloud applications/accelerators) for you to use.  Using these R-VCS applications will save you over 50% in time and cost!

data visualisation r vcs sharpcloud

Business and Project Productivity Tool

“SharpCloud is a data visualisation and collaboration platform, which you can use as a business productivity tool to support your business and projects.”

Visualise Your Data

A key challenge for you is how do you collate all the various forms of data sets within your business and projects and see it all in one place, through views that simplify complex decision making?

Having your data spread across your organisation, in various silos, Lines of Business Systems (LoBS) in an inconsistent and disorganised way make it impossible for you to make informed and timely project and business decisions.

SharpCloud meta data template ensures data quality is accurate, organised and standardised so that it can be used consistently and trusted by its users.

Data Collaboration

SharpCloud User Cases

The following video provides a general overview so you can understand how SharpCloud works, what are the typical user applications and the benefits.

SharpCloud Key Benefits

Multiple User Cases

Quickly visualise your Project Portfolio, Business Plan, Sales and Innovation Pipeline, Marketing Strategy, Technology Roadmap, Collaboration and Risk Management to Product and Services presentations, using Roelto-Visual Collaboration Solutions

Cross Sector and Industry

SharpCloud is utilised in both public and private sectors across various industries such as Construction, Life Sciences, Charities, Transportation, Energy, Government Departments, Public Services and Telecommunications

Intuitive and easy to use

Friendly user interface means there is minimal training with almost instant access where you can start applying SharpCloud within minutes, using R-VCS user cases

SharpCloud Apps – R-VCS

Start using SharpCloud with Roelto – Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCS).  Apps configured for various types of user cases which you an quickly configure to suit your needs.

R-VCS | SharpCloud Chat Bot

If you have a question about a R-VCS App or SharpCloud enter your question in the chat bot opposite. 

Enter Hello or Hi and return to initiate the chat then ask your question. For example “What is SharpCloud Enterprise.”  The chat bot will provide an answer.  You can ask another follow on question or a different one.

To find out more set up a  SharpCloud Discovery Call.

Interactive Data Driven Views

SharpCloud provides you with a platform whereby you can visualise your data from other data sources (Line of Business Systems – LoB’s), co-create data directly using forms, workshops or entering it directly.

The different views and the ability to filter them dynamically enables you to answer questions immediately.  A key benefit when comparing to static PowerPoint presentations.

Examples of SharpCloud User Cases and Views

Scroll though the images to see some examples of SharpCloud data driven views.

Click the button below to see SharpCloud in 60 seconds.

R-VCS SharpCloud user cases

Discover More About SharpCloud

Book your Free SharpCloud Discovery call now by scrolling down and choose “SharpCloud Discovery Call”, select a date and time, leave your details and click DONE.

During the call we can discuss how you can start enjoying the benefits of improved visual communication, better collaboration and increased productivity.

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