“PowerPoint on Steroids” using sharpcloud

I recently attended the sharpcloud user meeting held in central London, which was hosted by one of their clients, Inmarsat.  There were several presentations which were really interesting and they didn’t use PowerPoint!

I have been to quite a few sharpcloud user group meetings now and can say that the trend in using PowerPoint is lower than the Bank of Englands interest rates, with no sign of recovery either.

A key aspect of the user meeting was the launch of sharpcloud iPad – which I have to admit is the only reason why I have bought an iPad and have no regrets.  I am impressed by the iPad itself but using it to view sharpcloud stories with other people has been fantastic.  I have used sharpcloud for over 3 years now and this has been one of the most significant developments.

It was great to see how other people are using sharpcloud and to hear how the sharpcloud team are looking to move the product forward.  As it was a user meeting we all had an opportunity to give some feedback and share ideas on how to improve the experience and functionality of sharpcloud.  I was asked to share my sharpcloud experience and answer some questions, which you can see in the video below.

One of the most significant changes this year for me has been the introduction of the Grid View.  This has been an issue for me when configuring end user applications for clients based around projects.  One of the key activities within a project is the ability to make quick and informed decisions easily.  Working with Rusty (sharpcloud CTO) we co-created the Grid View, which was implemented fairly quickly, despite the iPad launch pressure and shows how hands on and responsive sharpcloud have been to users and customers alike.

I am sure when you have been involved in projects and business in general, you have used spreadsheets to do the analysis and PowerPoint to present and communicate the results.  You then try and compare the results visually so you can make decisions.  We have all had to do this at some stage haven’t we?

You do the analysis, you create the slides that you think the audience will want to see or what you think is required to make a decision only to be asked a slightly different question that you cannot answer at the time and do not have a slide to show.  So you go back to your spreadsheet do the filtering and pivot table thing and create a new set of slides and so the process goes on.

With sharpcloud and especially the new grid view, you can filter using tags and categories to create different views based on what your audience asks at the time.  Even better is not having to re-edit existing presentations.  As soon as the data is changed your presentations are automatically updated, saving you time and money.

Sharpcloud is a bit like a mash up of databases/spreadsheets with PowerPoint – creating a “PowerPoint on steroids” visual experience.

The snapshot below is a grid view showing projects, filtered by project manager on the iPad.

Here is the compliance status filtered by project manager with regards to BS 11000 illustrated on the iPad using the sharpcloud Grid View

If you would like to quickly see what I mean, just enter your name, company and email to get a Free membership to sharpcloud and I will take care of the rest for you and include a complimentary personal 60 minute online tutorial to get you up and going quickly and easily.

Visualising your project and business data will be a lot easier from now on and it won’t even cost you a penny.



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