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Collaborative Business Relationships

Collaborative business relationships are about developing long lasting, profitable relationships with your customers through collaborative marketing and sales, so that they trust you and eventually buy and continue to buy your service or products.

  • Marketing Blueprint

    Visualise your different marketing strategies offline and online and how they support and interact to generate new leads and create a trusting relationship

  • Sales Funnel

    Segment your clients and customers to meet their needs and create an online collaborative business relationship management plan so you visually collaborate and innovate to create mutual value

  • Return On Investment

    Measure the lifetime value and costs of your marketing and sales to ensure you have a profitable Return on Investment (ROI)

Collaborative Business Relationships

Discover through our 2 day Collaborative Business Relationship and Marketing Workshop the marketing and sales strategies you need to implement and test to get and retain customers to increase the lifetime value of your customers and your profits. As part of the workshop you will get a readymade online marketing blue print powered by SharpCloud, which you will develop further during the workshop and continue to use and share with other colleagues, customers, clients and supply chain partners after the workshop

To start developing your Marketing Blueprint and Sales Funnel book you Workshop today.  You will also get a Free membership to SharpCloud, a visual communication tool that we use to support our workshops and to help you create collaborative business relationships.  Just click the button below Book Your SharpCloud Workshop and Training to start developing Collaborative Business Relationships.

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