Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCS)

Roelto – Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCS) are a suite of business collaboration solutions based on the SharpCloud platform that can be used independently or linked and integrated with one another.  Each R-VCS can incorporate other collaboration technology such as Microsoft BI, content from other websites or data from content management systems e.g. SharePoint or can be embedded into your existing collaboration platforms such as Microsoft Teams as part of your overall business collaboration landscape. 

Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions (R-VCS), powered by SharpCloud

R-VCS provides the following pre-configured solutions, which you can start using immediately and update or parameterise to meet your specific needs.

  • R-PPM: Project Portfolio Management
  • R-DBR: Dashboard Reporting
  • R-CaaS: Collaboration-as-a-Service (ISO 44001)
  • R-WaaS: Workshop-as-a-Service
  • R-IMP: Innovation Management Platform
  • R-SCRUM: Agile Working
  • R-SRM: Strategic Roadmap
  • R-TRM: Technology Roadmap

Other solutions can be configured from these core solutions, for example R-PPM includes Health and Safety, Planning, Risk Management, Costs, Benefits, Dependencies, Resources and Reporting/Dashboards.  In this case, using the R-PPM, you can create a standalone Risk Management or Benefits Management solution.

The R-VCS user cases are built using SharpCloud, a visual collaboration platform.  You can use the solutions as is or you can tailor the data attributes and views within the templates so that they are aligned with your current data model and how you want to view your data. 

Support is included to help you configure and align your data model, calculations and views as part of the initial set up.  Further support can be provided as required. 

By using R-VCS you will realise several key benefits and outcomes:

  • Save time, effort and costs by not having to create your own bespoke visual collaboration solutions or customise another Line of Business System that does not meet your needs.
  • Increase engagement and collaboration of people quickly and easily in a very collaborative and visual way across a number of common business processes that span multiple users and various audiences, both internally and externally. 
  • Improve your data integrity by aligning your data model, so everyone can see the same information and compare “apples for apples” bringing clarity, a common understanding and the ability to simplify complex decision making as an outcome.
  • Create a “One Place” for people to view, share information, interact and make real-time decisions
  • Re-purpose and integrate existing data, solutions and digital content, removing duplication and storage of multiple files, thereby increasing performance and productivity
  • Gain insight in order to make proactive decisions, minimising risk and take full advantage of opportunities
  • Help support continuous improvement by being able to add comments feedback and lessons learnt
  • Enable and facilitate a more interactive and collaborative culture with people in your organisations and business partners

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