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If you are new to SharpCloud one of the first decisions you will have to make is how you can best put SharpCloud to work in your business, to help improve your communication, collaboration capability, decision making and overall productivity.

In the Story below, I have shared a selection of stories that I have created since 2008 and hopefully will give you some initial ideas.

To view this SharpCloud Story fully, please click here.  This will automatically open the SharpCloud Story for you.  Click Play Presentation and the full page view.  After the presentation has finished just click “Exit” and go back to this blog post to claim your Free Collaboration Guide and SharpCloud Membership.  Thanks Jason!

Here are a selection of SharpCloud Stories I have created since 2008 to give you some ideas on how you can put SharpCloud to work in your business

Here are a selection of SharpCloud Stories I have created since 2008 to give you some ideas on how you can put SharpCloud to work in your business

A good place to start

A good place to start is to think where your current challenges, problems and issues are.

You can use SharpCloud to capture your ideas – do this by “brainstorming” and entering them into SharpCloud Items using the Wall View.  You can create some categories and sub categories and move your ideas into these categories using the layer view.  You can even start tagging your ideas – such as a persons name or a geographical location for example.

After you have categorised and tagged your ideas, how about prioritising them by using the grid view.  Configure some attributes to prioritise your ideas against benefit, ease of delivery, cost and risk by using the list attribute, so you can add simple label’s such as:

  • Low
  • Medium
  • High

Now move your Ideas in to the Low, Medium or High grid for each of your attribute types.   Add some relationships between your ideas and a comment if there are any.

Based on the priority you can now create a timeline by switching to the timeline view.  Visually drag your idea to the start date you want and drag the end of your idea to set the duration.

In no time at all you have listed your ideas, categorised and tagged them for easier filtering.  You have quickly added some attributes to compare your ideas against one another, you can see where there are interdependencies by adding relationships and you have created an action/project plan using the timeline view, all in one place.

How about sharing your story or creating a presentation?  Simply publish your story to your private directory or create a link so people can click on it and provide feedback through Like and Dislike voting along with Comments.  Even start a Skype video conference call so you can collaborate, co- create additional ideas and refine your existing ones simply, quickly and easily.

Want to discover how?

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