Having difficulty communicating your strategy?

When I ask people what their strategy is, or have they seen it, or do you review and measure it and see how well you are contributing to it – more often than not I get a negative response.  One of the main issues cited,  is that people do not get visibility of the strategy, “…its only for the bigwigs to see..” is one recent quote.

However, after a discussion on how important it is for them to understand the strategy and more importantly how they can support its successful delivery, people start to realise the significance.  I sometimes wonder if senior management do.  Part of the issue is having visibility of the strategy but as importantly if not more, making the strategy an interactive and collaborative platform that engages everyone so that they are aligned, focussing on the key value creating activities, that in turn will develop value propositions for customers, end users etc which will help to meet the strategic targets –  which are typically financial.

One of the tools that I use and would like to share with you is a product called SharpCloud.  The benefit of this tool is that it is easily accessible via the Internet, highly visual and is able to connect people and divisions in different locations in a interactive and collaborative environment, that is easy to use.

Combined with my Workshops this help you to see the issues and opportunities/benefits, to accelerate in delivering your strategy.

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