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Creating a Knowledge and Intelligence based organisation

Wouldn’t you agree, creating a knowledge and intelligence based business would help you focus and become more productive?

And not just financially!

Over the years I have seen how I and other people have not really focused on the most important aspects.  We will have all worked hard, kept our nose to the “grindstone” and yet still not delivered what we set out to do.

Why is that?

Sometimes we just don’t know what we know.

How many times after something has gone wrong have you heard, ” if only I knew that” or ” if I had known that I would have done it differently” ?

Or “if I had had the data and information, I would have known”

We just don’t use all this data and information because sometimes there is just too much  and we find it difficult to visualise it into a view that has more meaning.

The first suggestion to you is apply the 80/20 rule.

How do you find out what is the 20% you need to focus on to deliver 80% of what ever you are trying to deliver?

Three strategies to increase your productivity

Knowledge is being created continually by new insights and people.

Firstly don’t just assume you need a “techy widget silver bullet” for your knowledge management.  People are the key to your knowledge.  That’s people inside and outside of your business and can be achieved through dynamic collaboration.

Being able to visualise data easily and share it enhances your business intelligence and ability to make quick, informed decisions.

Working with people in different locations and time zones using visual collaboration to integrate collaboration and visualisation will improve your productivity.

Here is a presentation of these 3 strategies on  how they enable you to increase productivity and create a knowledge and intelligence based organisation.

Creating collaborative business relationships

Are you aware of ISO 44001?  Probably not

This is a framework specification that enables any size of company to identify who they should be collaborating with, what is the value and how they should go about doing it.  A key part to is how it helps you identify the collaboration profile of your organisation and people so you can improve your collaboration capability.

It also helps you to identify the information and knowledge you can share openly facilitating a trusting relationship

ISO 44001 Collaboration

Visualising your data

You are probably capturing data onto spreadsheets, performing some analysis, copying the results into a PowerPoint presentation and then emailing it to share and collaborate with other people.

Does that sound familiar?

What if you could do all of this in one place easily?

Sounds to good to be true.  Not really, as you will know what I mean if you are familiar with SharpCloud.

SharpCloud is a visual place for you to do business.  More specifically it helps you to visualise information and data into multiple views that are more meaningful to you and other people.

flat design illustration concepts for creative process, big data filter, data tunnel, analysis concept

Working productively with other people

The last part.

Now that online video conferencing and telepresence is readily available to anyone, you can talk and see people anytime and anywhere, saving you time and money, which is great is it not?

So why is it that these “systems” are not utilised more?

You need to implement a visual collaboration capability into your organisation that integrates your collaborative behaviours with easy to use data visualisation delivered on your existing video conferencing systems.

Facilitate collaborative behaviours using ISO 44001

First of all the main component to all of this is you – people.

The word collaboration is banded around a lot and is typically associated with an IT system.  Adopting ISO 44001 and applying where appropriate can help you to put in place the necessary processes and procedures but more importantly, it focuses on the collaborative capability and behaviours of people.

SharpCloud Real Time Data Visualisation

Secondly, when I have been on a video conference it nearly always includes a PowerPoint presentation,  right?

From this you are suppose to gain some insight, business intelligence and knowledge and if possible, make a decision.  Invariably there are more questions than answers/decisions.

These presentations are linear and are presented from a specific view, usually the presenters.

What if you could have a presentation of data and information that is updated real time when changes are made and  looks at different views of the same data.

Using SharpCloud you can do this and more.

No more waiting or hearing “… I don’t have that slide.  I’ll have to come back to you”.

Integrating Physical, Data and Digtal Collaboration to deliver a integrated visual collaboration approach

Productive Business Intelligence and Knowledge

By combining your collaboration approach, with data visualisation, with your existing video conferencing / telepresence systems you have put in place a highly effective and efficient visual collaboration platform.

Your ability to be more creative, innovative and productive with other people both inside and outside your organisation has just increased significantly making you more competitive.

Become more productive and contact me to see how you can get started today by completing the form below.

P.S if you want to watch the presentation as a video you can watch Visualise and Collaborate on YouTube

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