Improve Your Communication and Collaboration by Using SharpCloud

If you are using multiple spreadsheets to collate and analyse your data, various versions of PowerPoint to present and communicate your analysis to people, and email to share your information, you run the risk of people misunderstanding and making incorrect business decisions.  SharpCloud can help you enhance your communication, collaboration and simplify complex decision making.

SharpCloud is a visual communication and collaboration tool that enables you to analyse, present and share your business data and information in a very visual and collaborative way.  If you have people within your business who are entering data into spreadsheets, creating presentations and emailing them to other people you are potentially wasting a lot of time and money through complex and inefficient business processes.   

Enhance Your Business Communication and Collaboration Productivity

For example, you can use SharpCloud to increase your business communication and collaboration productivity across your business by quickly and easily visualising your:

SharpCloud enables you to look at the same information and data from different perspectives quickly and easily.  By being able to create multiple presentations from the same data instantly, SharpCloud helps you to communicate more effectively to different people enabling your audience to understand more clearly by viewing it from a perspective that suits them.  It also provides the ability for people to interact no matter where they are located, increasing your overall business collaboration capability.

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“SharpCloud is a very good tool. You can organize your work, projects, ideas, strategy, roadmap, whatever your organization is working or planning to. In organizations that are widely spread and across the globe it is the perfect collaboration tool.”

Dimitris Chatzooglou, International IT Manager at Action Aid

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