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Connect, collaborate and co-create virtually with colleagues, business partners and organisations.

Workshop-as-a-Service (WaaS) is a visual and interactive collaboration tool that brings people together to create, innovate and deliver successful outcomes

Roeslto Workshop-as-a-Service, powered by SharpCloud

What can Workshop-as-a-Service be used for?

Digital Workshops and Meetings

WaaS delivers a collaborative experience using multiple visual and interactive workshop templates, either led by a facilitator or by you.
SharpCloud Workshops
Put SharpCloud to work in your business by participating in these hands on, interactive training and development workshop sessions.
Collaboration Workshops
Co-create your Collaboration Strategy based on ISO 44001 to support your collaboration transformation journey and collaborative working change initiatives.
Linesight Roelto Workshop Testimonial

Based on my experience with these workshops I would recommend the use of Workshop-as-a-Service and Jason facilitation capability. The workshop that he delivered was outstanding!

Project Governance Outcome Workshop

Noel O'Donnell - Operational Excellence Manager
Linesight Logo

Through the excellent personal facilitation from Jason making use of Roelto interactive on-line tools, Linesight were able to run several workshops across several time zones to pro-actively engage with our staff regarding some key future business growth opportunities.

Project Governance Outcome Workshop

Nigel Barnes - Head of Life Science, EMEA
Roelto Workshop BP testimonial

Delivering a Performance Outcome Framework with so many people in such a short time was impressive.

Collaboration Workshop

Workshop Attendee
Roelto Workshop ActionAid Testimonial

Jason, you are great facilitator and good listener. I don’t think the Workshop (SharpCloud) sessions would be that productive without your great facilitation skills and attention to details.

Tsegaye Ayele
IT Systems Manager
Roelto Workshop ActionAid Testimonial

Jason brought in the energy and expertise to help us visualize the value of SharpCloud, I think if anyone had a doubt about the tool, they had their mind changed after the workshop .

Henry Wanyonyi
International IT
Roelto Workshop ActionAid Testimonial

I thought being in a country (Mombasa, Kenya) with low bandwidth trying to complete an important workshop like the IT  business strategy with a facilitator sitting in UK wouldn’t be effective. I was wrong. It was effective, collaborative, and a very good experience

Dimitris Chatzooglou
International IT Manager
Roelto Workshop DLR Testimonial

It was really good to see the interaction of everyone using the platform interactively

Health and Safety Workshop

Performance Manager
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Roelto PESTLE Workshop-as-a-Service

PESTLE Workshop

If you are looking to assess the current business environment at a macro level for your business a PESTLE workshop can help you review the market, competitors and the situation you find your business in.

SWOT Workshop

Analyse your internal Strengths and Weaknesses and external Threats and Opportunities to help develop your business strategy and prioritise activities.

Performance Workshop

Develop the right outcomes for you projects, initiatives and business so that everyone knows what "good looks like to help enhance team performance.

Stakeholder Management

Ensure you have identified all of your stakeholders and determine their level of support so you can deliver project/business outcomes successfully.

Identify the bottlenecks in your end-to end business processes and develop a more efficient, productive and effective way of working.

Strategy Roadmap Workshop

Take the outputs from your PESTLE and SWOT workshop to develop your strategic roadmap, linked to your technology roadmap.

Technology Roadmap Workshop

Map the critical links and alignment of your technology with your business, market trends, drivers, opportunities, products and services.

ISO 44001 Collaboration

Complete a collaboration gap analysis workshop to quickly find out where your collaboration gaps are. Co-create your collaboration roadmap and increase your business performance and relationships with an accredited ISO 44001 facilitator.

R-VCS SharpCloud Workshop

Put your data and SharpCloud investment to work immediately by completing a 1 or 2 day workshop and start organising and visualising your data instantly using a preconfigured R-VCS, to help you simplify complex decision making.

Complete Your Workshop

If you have a specific workshop, event, training, organisational transformation or change initiative to deliver, WaaS can be tailored to meet your needs. Book a call to find out more.

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