Cost Effective Health and Safety Management System

Meeting your Healtha nd Safety requirements can be an onerous task. Utlising a flexible and easy to use Health and Safety Managemnt System is a good start in reducing the administration activities and allowing you to proactively engage with people to create and Incident and Injury Free workplace for your people and business partners.

Improve your collaborative business relationships

Business competition, operational costs, regulatory compliance are all increasing and the ability to deliver your business objectives is becoming more of a challenge. Having a trusting business relationship with other businesses is probably one of the most important areas of your focus on, to help you overcome these challenges. By completing a simple gap analysis to determine you business relationship maturity will help you to focus on the areas where you need to improve your collaboration capabilities.

Communicating Your Strategy Simply

While on holiday I was reading a book called “Gone for Soldiers by Jeff Shaara and was immediately struck by the simplicity of how a battle strategy was communicated.  The book is set  13 years before the US Civil War, with America fighting  Mexico over land.  The commanding general was Major General Winfield Scott who as you [...]

Strategy Collaboration

Find out how Collaborative Strategising can help you to co-develop your Strategy, so that everyone understands, believes in it and helps to deliver it with passion and enthusiasm.

Marketing & Selling the Company Strategy

Marketing and selling your company strategy to your organisation, people, customers, business partners and shareholders is one of the most important tasks you will undertake as a business leader.   Having a great strategy in some PowerPoint deck is not going to help you deliver the business strategy succefully. Marketing and selling the company strategy is a [...]

Understanding Your Business Strategy

Research has shown that:  80% of people remember what they see and do (workshops) compared to 20% of what they read and 10% of what they are told One of the ways to help people understand your business strategy is let them help you co-create it in the first place! But if you are a business [...]

Having difficulty communicating your strategy?

When I ask people what their strategy is, or have they seen it, or do you review and measure it and see how well you are contributing to it – more often than not I get a negative response.  One of the main issues cited,  is that people do not get visibility of the strategy, [...]