Understanding Your Business Strategy

80% of what you see

Research has shown that:

  •  80% of people remember what they see and do (workshops) compared to

  • 20% of what they read and

  • 10% of what they are told

One of the ways to help people understand your business strategy is let them help you co-create it in the first place!

But if you are a business with individuals located in different places and have adopted hybrid working bringing them all together to help create the business strategy, is not always realistic due to time, cost and loss of business productivity.

 So how you can you still do this?

Well I am sure the way that you will typically create your strategy will be a series of meetings or workshops.  These can be several days of continuous or intermittent gatherings to go through various aspects of the business strategy.  But meetings and workshops involve people travelling to be together – not any more.

Utilising visual collaboration technology from Skype to more sophisticated solutions such as MS Teams, Zoom or Web Ex you can increase your business collaboration and save up to 90% in costs if you were to meet up physically.

Using Workshop as a Service as shown with your visual conferencing is an easy way for you to start using visual collaboration to work more productively and collaboratively.

SWOT workshop using Workshop-as-a-Service digital SWOT collaboration workshop
Workshop-as-a-Service digital SWOT collaboration workshop
People using Workshop-as-a-Service to complete a digital SWOT collaboration workshop

Collaborative Workshops

R-WaaS enables businesses to conduct collaborative strategic workshops (or any other type of workshop)  globally with anyone, anywhere, anytime in a highly visual and interactive way.

The benefit is that people are able to participate in the creation process and therefore are more likely to take ownership of the outcomes and deliver more successfully.  For example, a recent Harvard Business Review identified that only 5% of a company’s employees understand their company strategy.

Using R-WaaS to help develop your strategies, business plans, technology roadmaps, marketing propositions, product reviews, project evaluations, etc, can save you up to 90% in costs by eliminating the need for travel, hiring venues and other associated costs such as hotels.

There is still the need for people to interact on a face to face basis.  However, instead of doing this once every 2 to 3 years due to various constraints such as cost, availability of people, there is no longer a reason not to be work-shopping, strategizing, collaborating, communicating and sharing ideas and knowledge on a regular basis.

Hybrid workers can co-create using Roelto Workshop as a Service
Hybrid workers can co-create using Roelto Workshop as a Service
headshot screen application view of diverse employees have work web conference.

R-WaaS powered by SharpCloud

R-WaaS utilises video conferencing, coupled with SharpCloud a cloud based visual collaboration platform to provide a hybrid experience and visual way of working online or physically to deliver workshops on a scalable and cost effective basis, whilst allowing all participants to interact real time.

R-WaaS Benefits

The benefit is that people remember more when they participate compared to what they read or told.

One of the disadvantages of the typical workshop has been the inability for workshop attendees and others who could not attend, to continue the workshop process after the workshop has finished.

R-WaaS eliminates this issue and delivers a highly visual presentation of the workshop result, that is easy to understand, use and access and is supplemented with rich content (documents, video, images, URL’s) that allows people to ask questions, provide comments and feedback online, so that there is record of all activity.

You can also continue the workshop process after the main event.  Giving people who could not attend to review and contribute  This is a key benefit whereas conventional workshops are one off instance, are typically slow to deliver the results and have limited ability to collaborate, evaluate, compare, make decisions and deliver.

R-WaaS completes the process making it a highly efficient and effective way of working

What is WaaS (Workshop as a Service)?

WaaS is a service created and delivered by Roleto based on the SharpCloud visual collaboration platform, hosted on Microsoft Azure.

Preconfigured templates and content is provided so that users can start their workshops instantly and get immediate results in a highly collaborative and cost effective way.  Access to R- WaaS is via the Internet and can either have an online facilitator to deliver the workshop or it can be facilitated by a digital facilitator or you after some initial training.

The library of pre-configured templates includes roadmaps, workshop user cases e.g. SWOT, PEST:E, etc, strategy maps along with training material to help maximise your workshops.  Working this way provides immediate insights and shared knowledge by visualising the key issues and opportunities allowing your business to accelerate and deliver the maximum value.

The deliverables from the workshops typically include strategic plans, roadmaps (route maps), business solutions, value propositions that help to transform an organisations ability to communicate and execute much more effectively than before.

Increasing the number of employees who understand your strategic plan from 5% to a 100% is now possible and available immediately for you to use and experience.

R E2E Makigami business process template
Start simplifying your business processes with R-E2E app, powered by SharpCloud
A view of R-E2E business process simplification template

Create your business strategy more easily

Discover how you can start to co-create your strategy with other colleagues you wanted to get involved but could’nt because of time, distance and costs.

Request Workshop as a Service and I will share with you how you can develop your strategy, business plans, projects reviews and workshops in a much more productive way, by naturally involving all the people you want and need to be involved.

Keep on collaborating!


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