Cost Effective Health and Safety Management System

Not everyone can afford SAP R/3 but everyone needs Health & Safety management system in their Business

I saw a press release announcement from SAP that they are now launching an Incident Management solution to support your Health and Safety programme.  It is great to see a major global corporations such as SAP realise the importance and significance of Health and Safety in your businesses.  To spend the time and resources to make one of the worlds leading  ERP solutions even better is always commendable.

Unfortunately, not everyone can afford such complex and costly solutions such as SAP R/3 and probably in most cases do not need a solution like SAP.  And even if you do have SAP R/3 maybe you require a Health and Safety management system where you can easily connect, share and allow people outside of your business enterprise, to have access and be able to collaborate without having to go through various setting up procedures and system training.  However, this does not excuse you from not having a Health and Safety Management System, which not only has to have Incident Management but also other key modules to deliver your complete H&S process in a simple and cost effective way.

Health and Safety Culture

It’s not all about the technology either. Helping your employees and supply chain partners to adopt an Incident and Injury Free culture plays a significant role in delivering a successful and sustainable Health and Safety strategy.  The need for a collaborative Learning and Development programme as part of your H&S solution is vital.  Clearly having the policies, procedures and processes is important but getting people to be passionate and treat it as part of their daily lives both inside and outside of work is where you can start to see step changes in the performance of you Health and Safety actvities.

Flexible, easy to use and cost effective Health and Safety solutions

To compare another solution to SAP, although at the other end of scale on size and type of solution is a company called Elmstone Systems who really understands and focus on Health and Safety.  They may not be as big as SAP, but in terms of Health and Safety know how and delivering web based applications to various organisations, including one of the top 3 global pharmaceutical companies (who has SAP) is testament to their solution, whether you are a SME or a global corporation.

Elmstone’s Mirashare product, is delivering tried and tested H&S solutions, which incorporates best practices and templates ready for you to use.  For an example of a Mirashare, Refer to Fig. 1 Mirashare Health and safety screenshot to see a typical layout, connected via the Internet using your tablet or PC.  The solution is delivered as a cloud application and includes four key modules:

  • Incident Management
  • Action tracking
  • Audits/Inspections
  • Risk Assessments

Coupled with their learning and development solution, Learn Bubble this helps not only to deliver learning programmes focused on your Health and Safety Roadmap in an interesting and informative way, but also can test people on the procedural aspects for understanding and how it can be practically applied.  More importantly, it helps to facilitate and nurture the cultural development of an Incident and Injury Free mindset with everyone who engages with your business.


Other Mirashare Modules

In addition to the main modules listed above there are several other as shown below.

All modules have security, searching and graphing modules as we all permissions (access control).

  • Incident Management
  • Incident App
  • Inspection Audits
  • Risk Assessment
  • Action Tracking
  • Good Saves
  • DSE Assessment
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Facility Requests
  • Change Control
  • Chemical Approval
  • Document Manager
  • Suggestions
  • Project Control
  • Scorecard

Health and Safety Benefits

This cultural change and attitude in the people you engage with means that their behaviours reflect how important health and safety is in your business and will not be compromised.  The costs and time saved by reducing, even  eliminating incidents and accidents is significant.  In terms of your positioning in the market place against your competitors a successful Health and Safety record is a key differentiator.  Another positive benefit is that everyone who engages with your Health and Safety is taking this home with them to their family and friends to share and help them become more aware and responsible about Health and Safety outside of work.

Having people think and behave in such a positive and proactive way means that engagement with your policies, processes, procedures  are much more effective.  Having an easy to use Health and Safety Management System means that the non added value administration activities are reduced allowing your Health and Safety personnel to spend more time talking and walking “the shop floor”, rather than stuck behind a desk filling out paper.

Taking this approach not only facilitates you in meeting your Health and Safety requirements but by incorporating the behavioural aspects with your staff and business partners, the benefits extend out to other businesses and their family.  In addition, this holistic approach supports both you and other businesses with regards to yours and their’s Corporate Social Responsibility.

Cost Effective Health and Safety Management Systems

Take a look at Mirashare as an alternative solution for cost effective and sustainable Incident Management as part of your Health and Safety programme .  You may not be able to afford SAP but you cannot afford not to meet your Health and Safety requirements.

For further help and support with your Health and Safety Management Strategy find out how we can help you deliver your Health and Safety Roadmap in a collaborative and visual way by clicking the button below to Contact Roelto  or simply email at

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