BS 11000 Stage 7 Staying together (Clause 9)

After you have established your collaboration strategy, determined your collaboration profile, selected a partner to collaborate with and have started to create value, you need to make sure you stay together. Clause 9 in BS 11000 focuses on the activities that you have to jointly undertake to help you maximise the benefit of working collaboratively, hopefully for a very long and profitable time.

“PowerPoint on Steroids” using sharpcloud

The recent sharpcloud user meeting featured the launch of the iPad version. What was really interesting to see was how people have realised how sharpcloud can visualie project and business data so easily and instantly.

Discover how you can start visualising you data for Free and get a complimentary 60 minute online turorial to get you up and going quickly and easily.

Business to Business Collaboration

  Uncover the 4 levels of collaboration in your business  to help create collaborative business relationships and increase profits for you and your business partners. There are different types of collaboration that are typically performed at 4 levels within your business: Project and Workplace collaboration:  This is very much based around completing defined tasks in a [...]

Improve Your Productivity using Visual Collaboration

The amount of people that you have to collaborate with, coupled with the data and information that we have to process, is increasing daily.  As a result this is probably having a detrimental affect on your productivity. We do not have time to read long textual reports, or the constant feed of emails, various forms [...]

The 4 C’s of Innovation- What Are They?

Helping you to reduce the risk when making decisions through your innovation process could help you to make decisions more quickly and confidently. By allowing people to utlise their businesses socical networks so that they can connect, collaborate, create and communicate new ideas and improvememnts could help you to become a creative organisation rather than a compliant one.

Social Media Is it a Distraction?

Creating your Social Media Strategy is key if you want to get a Return on Investment – which is mostky your time. This is a series of posts that I will be sharing with you on Social Meidia and will be creating a social media roadmap that you can view, comment and helo to create.

Collaborative Selling

Can collaborative selling help both you and your customer?

Meeting Sir Bob Geldof

Sir Bob Geldof – passionate about collaboration   Collaboration can change the world Collaborating with people, organisations and governments has been part of Sir Bob’s life in getting results.  And there has been plenty. Listening to Sir Bob talk for 2 hours without an uhmmm or an uhrrr was brilliant.  What stuck me most was [...]

Cloud Computing – where are we going?

People ask me what do I think of the cloud (cloud computing)? Well as we all know cloud computing covers a few areas with regards to data storage, infrastructure and applications.   From my perspective, I have only really experienced using applications.  Like most of us we have used applications such as Twitter, TripAdvisor, FaceBook etc.  Probably [...]