Improve Your Productivity using Visual Collaboration

The amount of people that you have to collaborate with, coupled with the data and information that we have to process, is increasing daily.  As a result this is probably having a detrimental affect on your productivity.

We do not have time to read long textual reports, or the constant feed of emails, various forms of messages and then try and put them into context to make the right decisions. 

Having ths same information presented visually is a much quicker and easier way for us to understand and act upon.  By coupling the ability to visualise and collaborate with anyone that you have to do business with, could help you to improve your productivity.

Using visual collaboration can improve your productivity

Productive Visual Collaboration

When we collaborate with people we need to be able to connect and co create simply and easily.  Most of the time we are using various tools like email to connect and then attaching additional content in the form of documents, spreadsheets, presentations and the such like, to provide further details on what we are trying to communicate. 

It also means that you need to be filing and organising your “communications” so that you can access them in a logical way.   The issue here is that it is in your inbox, or your folder, so sharing it and making it visible to everyone else to collaborate with is virtually impossible. 

What is required is a visual and collaborative interface that allows you and anyone in your business social network to visually view and share this information.  One such tool that I have been using extensively with various organisations and government departments is a product called sharpcloud.

One of the key benefits that I have found is how it can be used in many different end user applications.

Improved Productivity – Connect, Collaborate, Create and Communicate 

The 4 C’s are key aspects that I focus on when trying to help people and organisations improve their business productivity.

By applying this I have been able to help organisations deal with some very complex problems and yet provide a quick and simple solution using sharpcloud.  I will be developing a series of videos to show the various end user applications I have created.  In the meantime here is a short video on sharpcloud to get you started.

If you want to find out more and have a sharpcloud team site created for you on a Free 30 day evaulation, just contact me on and find our how using Visual Collaboration can improve your Productivity.







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