Work better together collaboratively, even when you are apart

Working apart requires a collaborative approach to be successful

Working together is generally more productive whether you are in a team solving complex problems or delivering a challenging project. Being apart makes it even more challenging.

Or does it?

Below is a video of Lewis Hamilton doing a duet with his piano coach and music producer, Jay Keys while they were apart from one another.  Having the right collaborative mindset and behaviours, with an agreed way of working, supported by the right technology (this is not an endorsement for Vodafone) means you can work and collaborate together, even when you are apart, as Lewis and Jay demonstrate.

4 Parts to Integrated Collaboration

There are four key areas you need to consider and integrate to take a collaborative approach for your business, especially if you are working apart from one another.

  1. Organisation – alignment, teamwork, culture, leadership and knowledge management
  2. People – behaviours, skills, talent and knowledge  
  3. Process – operations, customer, innovation, regulatory and social
  4. Information – databases, applications, systems, networks and technology infrastructure

Each of the above are either tangible (processes) or intangible (organisation people and information) assets.

Collaborative alignment

Once your businesses tangible and intangible assets are aligned with one another, your business has a high degree of readiness to take action and implement the changes necessary, to deliver your business strategy and objectives.

However, actually getting the necessary alignment and integration is very challenging.  There are several approaches and methodologies that you could take.  Taking a “collaborative approach” in terms of organisational partnerships, people relationships, joint ways of working, sharing data, information and knowledge, could help tie these assets together?

Collaboration Gap Analysis

The challenge is how do you do this so you can start to see where the gaps, issues and opportunities are in your business?  A quick way is to complete an initial collaboration gap analysis, which when completed acts as you roadmap to start focussing on areas where you can improve your organisational readiness and start working and “playing” together, even if you are apart.

To book your collaboration gap analysis click on the button below, select the ISO 44001 Initial Collaboration Gap Analysis event from the list , choose a date and time that is available, leave your details and click DONE.

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PS – Now, lets listen to Lewis Hamilton and Jay Keys collaborating and playing the piano together, while apart.

Lewis Hamilton and Jay Keys collaborating while in different locations

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