Visual Collaboration Benefits

Here are some project examples taking a visual collaboration approach, utilising both SharpCloud and BS 11000 together or independently. To start putting these benefits to work in your business, simply leave your details in the form opposite and your complimentary Business Collaboration guide will be sent to you.

roelto visual collaboration

Consumer Healthcare R&D – Speed To Market

An analysis of the R&D Stage Gate process and innovation pipeline was completed, identifying the barriers and constraints that impeded Speed To Market using SharpCloud.

Seven initiatives identified and are being implemented with a focus on improved collaboration with external business partners using BS 11000, portfolio management and visualising the innovation pipeline to enable informed and quicker decision making.

sharpcloud visual collaboration

International IT Strategy

Action Aid operates as a number of federations internationally, with a mission to end poverty. The International IT group need to provide core solutions and develop innovative solutions to support the federations.

Using SharpCloud visualisation and collaboration capabilities the IT Strategy has been aligned with ActionAid 2012 – 2017 Objectives ensuring projects are prioritised and communicated successfully, maximising the Return on Investment of donations.

roelto visual collaboration

Supply Chain – Innovation and Sustainability Centre of Excellence

GSK ambition is to be carbon neutral by 2050. To enable this a series of sustainability diagnostic workshops were completed. SharpCloud was used as a way to visualise and communicate the workshop output and translate this into a Site Sustainability Roadmap.

roelto bs 11000

Enterprise Ireland – Construction Market

Enterprise Ireland have 31 offices around the world promoting Irish businesses. Key is the ability for them to share information internally and communicate a cohesive, up to date and consistent story to Stakeholders and potential buyers.

Using SharpCloud since 2010, has enabled Enterprise Ireland to create engaging stories for both different sectors and Irish companies, saving time, money and a more interactive way to collaborate with clients and buyers.

sharpcloud global collaboration

Lilly – IT Innovation

To support their products the IT innovation group work globally to create ideas and identify potential solutions and opportunities to support the product portfolio. SharpCloud was use to support the global collaboration between people and capture the ideas and visualise them to support communication and facilitate decision making using the different attributes and views.

bs 11000 and sharpcloud from roelto


Wipro telecommunications R&D provide leading edge IT solutions to mobile and telecommunications providers. Key to this is successful partnering with their clients to develop innovative solutions that add new value. Using Roelto visual collaboration approach of BS 11000 and SharpCloud a strategy map framework was created to support the internal Programme Management Office (PMO).

roelto visual collaboration

Global Resourcing

As a global innovative organisation, GSK recognises the value of collaborating with external business partners.

Using Roelto Visual Collaboration process an online workshop was completed (China, India, UK and USA) over two ½ days to establish the collaboration profile and complete a BS 11000 Gap Analysis using SharpCloud. This saved time and money in travelling and more importantly identified the business partners and GSK gaps in being able to work collaboratively, to ensure the innovation sales targets were delivered successfully

roelto sharpcloud visual collaboration

Global Membership Forum

Buildoffsite is a membership organisation promoting offsite construction.

Due to its success and the need for 21st century construction people and organisations outside of the UK want to become members. To enable Buildoffsite international members maximise their membership a members forum has been implemented using SharpCloud so they can view information and resources (documents, tools, video’s and presentations) and collaborate online with other members as a group or individually through SharpCloud instant messaging and Skype.

roelto visual collaboration

Global R&D Conference – Boston

This 3 day focussed on the various innovation pipelines. What was required was a way to show the size and complexity yet filter views to illustrate certain points and projects

SharpCloud communicated the various projects, their timing, relationships and provided further summary to visualise and communicate the innovation pipelines to the 250 R&D scientists.

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