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SWOT workshop using Workshop-as-a-Service digital SWOT collaboration workshop

Workshop-as-a-Service: Completing a digital SWOT Workshop

Pre COVID 19, Roelto Workshop-as-a-Service (R-WaaS),powered by SharpCloud has saved organisations a considerable amount of time and money by completing and facilitating online, digital workshops since 2011, compared to the typical physical workshops and meetings.

One of the first R-WaaS sessions completed for a leading Consumer Healthcare company saved over $20,000 in travelling expenses (flights, hotels, car hire, etc.) and 16 days wasted on travelling.

Now the choice to complete your workshops, meetings or events either physically, face-to-face or digitally online is no longer an option.  Working remotely is now an every day reality.  But how productive is your remote working?

Don’t get me wrong, physical meetings and workshops are essential and a very important part of business.  However, now that you no longer have an option or at best, severely restricted to meet in person, there is an opportunity for you to incorporate digital remote working as part of your digital transformation program and take advantage of the time and cost savings, and more.  Let’s just look at the typical workshop scenario to set up, complete and follow up on, for example.

  • Organise the location – usually offsite and involves people travelling from different locations, travelling is non productive time and there are the associated costs
  • Pre workshop – prepare the workshop structure, organise the workshop sessions, have workshop attendees complete some preparation work before the workshop, collate the completed work (if done) and integrate into the workshop sessions
  • Workshop – travel to workshop, conduct workshop conventionally (Paper, post it notes, pens etc.), collate information, organise it, use it to move onto the next sessions, develop action plan, after action review, start thinking about leaving, people leave to catch planes, trains and automobiles at varying times
  • Post Workshop – collate information into a coherent presentation, report, issue for feedback and comment, update based on peoples refection’s, what they thought was agreed, issue final report/actions plan some weeks (months) later, workshop attendees catch up on work, try and share with colleagues……and in some instances people will have forgotten why they were there

Meetings are not as logistically as complex as workshops but are a lot more frequent and include more people and have similar issues.
Now there is no getting away from it – meeting and interacting with people has many advantages, which I’m sure you know about and agree with.

However, the world, how businesses operate, the constraints you have to work under are all changing.  So you and others have to change too.  You have to innovate and change to address these constraints positively.

People working remotely via Workshop-as-a-Service, powered by SharpCloud

People working remotely via web conference using Workshop-as-a-Service, powered by SharpCloud

Extend Your Video Conferencing

Using R-WaaS as part of your visual collaboration platform can help you reduce some of these costs and periods of time that are wasted and make your meetings a lot more productive.  Combining  your existing video conferencing technology with R-WaaS,  you can start to make your meetings and workshops exceptionally productive using pre-prepared R-WaaS templates, saving you time and money.

Video conferencing uptake and usage has risen exponentially.  Here are some statistics based on the most popular video conferencing platforms.

  • 62% of companies use three or more video calling platforms
  • Zoom had over 300 million meeting participants per day in 2020
  • Google Meet had over 100 million daily meeting participants in 2020
  • Microsoft Teams had 75 million active daily users in 2020
  • Cisco WebEx currently has over 300 million users

I am sure you are one of the video conferencing participants/users listed above, so what are you doing to make sure this time is made as productive as possible?  I listen to colleagues about the endless online meetings and presentations they sit through without any real participation and interaction.  One said he doesn’t actually feel he is working as he hasn’t had to do anything except sit, watch, listen and drink his coffee.

How to Increase Your Remote Working Productivity

Key to increasing remote working productivity is quite simple.  You need to be able to interact, create, make decisions and complete work as if you were actually in the office or meeting room with other people.

Sustained Engagement

Using your standard video conferencing functionality enables you to see, listen, talk/chat and share with colleagues and are great foundations to work from.  Granted its not as good as the real face-to-face but it works.
Creating sustained engagement during your workshops and meetings means you need to involve your colleagues through active collaboration and communication, before, during and after your workshop.

Completing a SWOT analysis for example, using R-WaaS template enables participants to generate digital “post it” notes through online forms from any device.  You can set up various data attributes such as lists, numerical values and dates for participants to choose from when completing the SWOT analysis.  The digital post it notes are now data that can be used to produce data driven views, which people can comment on, interact, add additional content and context that helps drive the conversation to uncover insights, make informed decisions and take action.

Flexible and intuitive

You need to be able to create you workshop using visual templates that are easy to create by business users, use widgets to create surveys, polls and share content such as images, videos and other digital content stored in Office 365 for example.  R-WaaS provides limitless template views that are easy for people to understand and start using immediately and can be copied and adapted during your workshop providing total flexibility to continue, rather than waiting until the next session.

Connect and co-create

Innovation and learning is central to your workshops and R-WaaS can connect unlimited participants and connect workshop sessions into an overall enterprise portfolio of ideas, actions and outcomes that are automatically updated as new content is generated.  This asynchronous collaboration and co-creation accelerates and enhances your remote working productivity tenfold or more. 

Through the excellent personal facilitation from Jason making use of Roelto interactive on-line tools (R-WaaS, powered by SharpCloud), Linesight were able to run several workshops across several time zones to pro-actively engage with our staff regarding some key future business growth opportunities.
Not only did Roelto help with great staff engagement, the facilitated discussions led to some key outcomes which Linesight is now implementing to further enhance our service offering to our clients.

Nigel Barnes, Head of Life Science, EMEA, Linesight

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PS Back in 2013, I completed a 4 day online workshop from London with 8 people in Mombasa to develop an IT Strategy and complete an Organisational SWOT. What could you do now?

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