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Workshops and Meetings

People spend a lot of time in meetings and workshops within your business. Making your meetings collaborative and productive is important so you can make quick informed decisions while reducing time and cost. Discover how by Booking Your SharpCloud Workshop Now.

  • Templates to Go

    To ensure your workshop and meetings start immediately you can utilise templates which can be configured to suit your specific needs?

  • Save Time and Money

    No more venues to set up, wasted time travelling and extra associated costs such as hotels and travelling

  • Action Plans

    Make your workshops and meeting action orientated by collating data, analyse, decide and develop your action plan before you finish. No more waiting for minutes of meetings or workshop post it notes to be translated

"SharpCloud is a very good tool. You can organize your work, projects, ideas, strategy, roadmap, whatever your organization is working or planning to. In organizations that are widely spread and across the globe it is the perfect collaboration tool."

Dimitris Chatzooglou, International IT Manager at Action Aid

Workshops and Meetings powered by SharpCloud

Discover how you can effortlessly set up meetings and workshops with other people outside and inside your business using SharpCloud. By visually collaborating and recording the outcomes in one place simplifies your meetings and improves overall productivity. You can create, review, share and communicate without having to email actions, documents and minutes of meetings

Enquire about a SharpCloud Workshop and Training module so you can discover how to start completing your workshops and online meetings immediately with other colleagues in different locations saving you time and money. Book Your SharpCloud Workshop and Training Now And Get A Free Personal SharpCloud Membership!

Book Your SharpCloud Workshop and Training