R-TRM (Roelto – Technology Roadmap)


Visual Technology Roadmapping

Co-create your technology and innovation roadmap that helps to enable and support your business processes and staff to deliver sustainable value.


Aligned technology

Visualise your technologies in multiple ways to ease understanding and enable alignment with your business, functional teams and stakeholders using R-TRM, powered by SharpCloud.

R-TRM can be configured as a standalone technology roadmap or as Enterprise Technology Roadmaps where by multiple technology roadmaps can be connected giving you unprecedented visibility, governance, control and efficiency.

Visualise, share and collaborate

R-TRM is your technology roadmap platform hosted in the cloud.  IT and business leaders can manage from anywhere, suppliers and technology partners/vendors can update using dedicated system forms ensuring everyone is aligned and set up to deliver successfully.

Uncover insights, simplify complex decision making and see how you can increase your IT performance.

Simplify technology management

R-PPM enables you to see all your key technologies in once place, their interdependencies, lifecycle status and how they support the business so you can focus on the key technical issues and opportunities and not waste time going through multiple spreadsheets and presentations.

A common challenge is getting timely and accurate data from your IT, functional and externa business partners/contractors on time and in a standardised format.   The data sits in multiple data silos, and organisation’s.

Creating a Common Data Environment (CDE), by using a standard meta data template and viewing your data through a view template, means that everyone is reviewing and managing their IT roadmaps and portfolios through consistent views – “apples for apples”.

R-TRM User Cases

No matter what function, industry or sector you work in you can tailor R-TRM to suit your needs with ready made technology roadmap templates that you can update and change as required.  R-TRM can be used for businesses or consulting organisations to help their clients to deliver:

  1. Product Planning – type of technology roadmap identifying technology within products, including generations of the product
  2. Capability planning – this is for more service based businesses and how technology acts as an enabler
  3. Strategic planning – identifies strategic areas including the evaluation of opportunities and threats – refer to SWOT workshop.
  4. Long-range planning – sometimes referred to Horizon Planning and can span hundred years plus and is applied typically at a national level.
  5. Knowledge asset planning – this helps to align your knowledge assets and knowledge management system with your business initiatives.
  6. Using Strategy Maps is also a good visual tool to use.
  7. Programme planning – this typically takes the format of Gantt charts and visualise multiple projects and programmes such as R&D, Innovation.
  8. Process planning – Facilitates the management of knowledge to support a particular business process such as New Product Development (note the image below is based on a Pharmaceutical NPD and Manufacturing roadmap)
  9. Integration planning – Focusses on the integration/evolution if technologies and how they can be used to develop new products.


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