Multi-Tasking While Online?

Do you multitask while you are online?

Go on admit it you do, I’m sure we all do it.

I don’t know about you but getting stuff done is very satisfying.  When you are trying to do many tasks all at the same time or as we would all like to say “multitasking”,  you might think you are being efficient and very productive.

I think if you stood back and looked at how long these tasks were actually taking to complete and the increasing number of errors, you might think differently.  You also need to consider the knock on affect to other people and your business as a result of this increased time, errors and poor quality.

Multitasking becomes even easier to do when you are on an online meeting. You are able to be doing “other stuff” while some one else is speaking or presentating.  This is definitely true when it is a teleconference call and maybe slightly less when a video conference.

So why is that?

Quite simple really – technology.

Although you can talk and see the other people online you cant’t see what they are actually doing.  Are they taking notes of this meeting or are they do something else? You are never quite sure if they are fully engaged in your meeting or not.

After all, you have spent a lot of time and effort in implementing the necessary video conferencing technology to increase productivity.  Ironically, it can go against you and be under utilised because of people multitasking while online resulting in lack of engagement and productivity during these meetings.

Have everyone focused by active engagement with the task in hand

One way to help reduce this lack of engagement and getting people to focus on the task in hand is to make it dynamic, interactive and interesting.

How do you do this?

Most online meeting will be a discussion, making points, viewing a presentation and commenting.  You have to be able to combine all of these and be able to proactively analyse the information from different perspectives instantly, to make informed decisions there and then.

By being able to do online voting immediately when discussing a particular item, add comments and most importantly have everyone involved in making the decision, or voting, helps to create anticipation within the meeting – “I have stay focused as I will be asked to make a decision in a minute”

In other words you create “meeting tension”.  The dynamics of the meeting means you can’t afford not to be engaged because you are required to participate and make decisions, take actions and come to a consensus.  If you don’t you are quickly found out!

The result is no more multitasking while online such as checking email, instant messaging other people, writing up notes or checking what’s on the TV to night, but highly productive and full engaged online meetings.

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