Making effective use of ISO 44001 Collaboration and SharpCloud Data Visualisation

ISO 44001 (BS11000) Collaboration Framework

BS 11000 is the British Standard (now ISO 44001)  provides a tried and tested framework for business collaboration in order to improve performance and enhance business relationships.

Taking a collaborative approach will bring both tangible and intangible benefits to your business, from better cost management, resource utilisation and business innovations, to improved collaboration capability, leading to greater trust between people and organisations.

ISO 44001 Operation 8 stages model

SharpCloud – Visual Collaboration Platform

SharpCloud is a data visualisation and collaboration tool that allows you to collate multiple streams of data and display them in a variety of different visual formats, depending on your requirements and preferences.

This way, data can be translated into a form that is both understandable and actionable at all levels of your organisation and can also be kept up to date without time being unnecessarily wasted updating multiple records.

Collaboration and visualisation are both important tools for any growing business, even when you consider them individually. However, the greatest value is achieved when the two are seamlessly integrated via effective use of visualisation software into what I have termed ‘visual collaboration’.

r waas iso 44001 collaboration roadmap

Integrated Visual Collaboration

It’s a whole new approach to both collaboration and visualisation that can easily transform the way you think about both your partnerships and your data. That’s why I wrote this guide, in order to make these principles accessible to all growing businesses.

Business Collaboration Guide

To find out more about taking advantage of combining SharpCloud data visualisation and the ISO 44001 (BS 11000) collaboration framework, just complete the form below and you can download a copy of my Business Collaboration guide, “A modern approach to business collaboration” – the ultimate introduction to visual collaboration for growing organisations.

The guide contains a 10 step visual collaboration Blueprint for you to implement and support your hybrid working and collaborations.

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