England UK COVID 19 Roadmap

On the road to “Freedom Day”

UK COVID-19 Response

The UK government has published the ‘COVID-19 Response – Spring 2021’, setting out the roadmap out of the current lockdown for England.

Below is a translation of the PDF roadmap document into SharpCloud to help communicate the key milestones with links to the full document and data updated and provides by Our Word In Data.

Business Roadmaps

As you can imagine there are so many different types of roadmaps that you can produce for your business.

Writing these out can be very time consuming and if written in isolation they very rarely get adopted by the rest of your business.

Co-creating your business roadmap to support adoption from your colleagues, employees and business partners is critical for successful delivery.

Roelto Visual Collaboration Solutions, powered by SharpCloud

Using a visual collaboration platform like SharpCloud and Roelto R-VCS apps  you can quickly co-create your roadmap in hybrid workshops.  Your roadmap provides multiple data driven views which helps communication and allows people to provide feedback and insight so that your roadmap is always current.

Create your visual roadmap

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