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Step 9: Ensure Future Business Continuity

Discover how taking a Visual Collaboration approach will work for you. Let our initial gap analysis identify the opportunities and benefits within your organisation and with your business partners.

  • Knowing when to stop

    Identify the triggers to know when to stop visual collaborating

  • Minimise risk

    Plan your exit strategy collaboratively with your business partner before it happens

  • Sustainable future

    Exiting from a business partnership respectfully in a controlled and managed way leaves the door open for future opportunities

Ensure Future Business Continuity

Nothing stays the same and working with other people and establishing business relationships, is no different. So when change happens, one of the most important aspects of any business, is to ensure business continuity is maintained at all times for customers, clients, you and your staff, suppliers and share holders alike.

Complete a gap analysis with your colleagues and partners to establish how you are going to disengage and work together sometime in the future.

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