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Step 7: Become More Innovative

Discover how taking a Visual Collaboration approach will help you create value by implementing a value creation process that allows everyone to create new ideas and work jointly. Discover how by starting a Free 14 day R-VCS (Roelto Visual Collaboration Trial, fully supported to help you innovate collaboratively. Click the button below, leave your details and select R-IMP (Roelto – Innovation Management Platform).

  • Visualise Your Innovation Portfolio

    Quickly visualise your innovation ideas and projects within your portfolio and share across your business and externally with your strategic business partners

  • Improved Decision Making

    Using SharpCloud's easy to use filtering you can answer different questions by generating data driven views, such as Bubble, Bar and Doughnut Charts, Grids and Timelines

  • Collaborate To Innovate

    The ability to share and collaborate with other people means you are able to leverage your innovation network and knowledge to its maximum, so you become a high performing and learning organisation/partnership

Become More Innovative

One of the main reasons to collaborate with other people is to jointly create ideas that can be developed to create more value and deliver mutual benefit for all. Through visual collaboration you can use R – IMP (Roelto Innovation Management Platform) to create ideas, collaborate and innovate. Your free trial includes a complimentary half day set up, support and workshop to make the most of your trial.

Request your free 14 Day R-VCS Trial and discover how you can implement innovative collaboration in your business to create more value and profit for your business or project.